Velika Plaža: Hello, Sand and Waves

Hello summer. Now that you’re here, we need a beach with some sand and waves. Enter Ulcinj, Montenegro and the Velika Plaža.

Many of the beaches in the Balkan peninsula have small pebbles instead of sand. While these have their upside, sometimes you just “need” sand squishing between your toes. There are a couple spots in the smallest Balkan country that will meet that need. Velika Plaža on the outskirts of Ulcinj has a dark, fine sand that is highly squishable. As for the Big designation, it is that. It stretches 12 km or 8 miles from Ulcinj down to the Bojana River.

Velika Plaža or Big Beach near Ulcinj, Montenegro - meanderbug

Much of the Montenegrin beach line is protected from wind and waves by the boot of Italy. This southern tip of the country has more exposure giving it some of the better winds and waves in the Adriatic Sea. The waves combined with a long shelf allows for shallow area good for cavorting in the waves. Also, with the steady winds, this area is a kite surfer’s dream. Foreign adventurers are beginning to come in to make a holiday riding the wind.

There are a number of private beach areas where you can rent a place with a couple fully-reclining beach chairs with an umbrella. Also, lots of public beach areas provide a setting for those that prefer to come with their own gear. Most of the beach is undeveloped. However, restaurants are sporadically spaced where you can always grab a pizza, some national food, and an ice cream.

After a day of sand and waves, the night comes alive in the old town of Ulcinj. There are a number of places for eats, souvenir shopping, and places of interest to see and be with friends.

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  1. Ah the beach. I bet it feels good to take a walk there.

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