Escape to Etno Selo Sljeme in Durmitor National Park

Nestled at the foot of Durmitor National Park is an eco village that is a modernly quaint complement to the imposing beauty of its surroundings. Drinking a cup of their delicious hot tea while the mountains loom outside the floor to ceiling windows wicks the stress of any traveler or tourist. Their tea, by the way, is home-made, collected from local herbs and brewed to perfection and is served in large, clear mugs so you can enjoy the steam from all sides.

Etno Selo Sljeme is a mountain escape ready to welcome all with a hot meal. Our team of travelers biked Durmitor and Grabović Trail and concluded our day with an abundant meal of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, delicious domestic soup. The main course reminded this traveler from the southern states in the USA as what we call good, old-fashioned “meat and potatoes.” It was roasted pork on the bone, mounds of steaming potatoes complemented with sautéed bell peppers.

Etno Selo Sljeme in Durmitor - Meanderbug

After a glorious day on the trail, our team was exhausted, and the meal at Etno Selo Sljeme was the gastronomical equivalent of the sights we’d seen in Durmitor National Park. It was simply delicious, abundant, and filling.

Combine that with the hospitality of this husband-wife owned hideaway, and any dinner spent here becomes one of excellent cuisine, relaxation and friendship. Their gentle and beloved boxer Peggy roams the grounds as well and is quick to welcome guests with a friendly nuzzle.

Miško and Andja Zorić vision for a restaurant and lodging getaway took several years for realization. They launched Etno Sela Sljeme earlier this year, and are prepared for all who want to enjoy the scenic beauty over a cup of herbal tea. Staying overnight in their well-appointed A-frame bungalows is a must. We enjoyed a solid night’s sleep after dinner and enjoyed the modern conveniences provided in this intentional eco village resort.

Though the Etno Selo Sljeme is in name an ethnic village, it is actually an eco village. A new concept to the country, there is not an official designation for this type of facility. Following in the vein of other European eco village concepts, Miško and Andja are trying to do local sourcing through sustainable methods.  All foods are grown and prepared locally, and every effort was made in construction to use local resources. The embrace of environmental stewardship is an exceptional way to model and encourage sustainability for the region.

Whether you’re local or planning a trip to Durmitor National Park from out of the country, I can’t encourage you enough to make Etno Selo Sljeme a planned stop for dinner and overnight.

NOTE: (revised July 2019) this property is under new management. We cannot vouch for its quality since Miško and Andja are no longer a part since 2017. The location is amazing, but this lovely couple was the heart and soul of this project. We can, however, recommend these Durmitor area farm stays inside the national park or at the Tara Canyon area.

Eco Village Etno Selo Sljeme in Durmitor - Meanderbug


  1. Love visiting this place because of the scenery and the people. Thanks Miško and Andja for your service and gracious hospitality. Also, I am a huge fan of your herbal tea…and Peggy!

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