Brar Canyon – Advanced Rock Climbing – Albania

For serious climbers, this is the good stuff. A challenge for experienced climbers waits just outside of Tirana. There are no easy routes here. Warmup begins on 6c.

Spend a day sport climbing with the people that have been developing the Brar routes and others throughout Albania over the past several years. They love to share about their country and the development of climbing here as well as swap climbing stories. Enjoy the challenge and the camaraderie. 

  • Transportation from Tirana
  • Top ropes provided
  • Routes – 6b+ and up
  • Instruction available as needed
  • Light lunch

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Tujan Tirana AL
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Advanced Climbing at Brar Canyon

From: 50.00

One-day advanced climbing trip to Brar Canyon. Routes are 6b+ and up.

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM