Vukovic Farm Stay at NP Biogradska Gora – Montenegro

Three cabin options near the main entrance to Biogradska Gora National Park.

Multiple gardens and orchards more than hint at the natural goodness coming from the Vuković Organic Farm Stay in Montenegro. The stream that runs through the farm and surrounding mountains indicate that this is a special place. With 3 cabin options, the Vukovic Organic Farm Stay provides options for a cozy getaway or a big family adventure.

Located in Štitarica Village near Biogradska Gora National Park, the Vuković family maintains organic certification on their farm produce. The family dedicates themselves to maintaining a simpler, traditional way of life in the village.

With a high level of commitment to making a great experience for their guests, they have prepared their family home for use. Meals will be prepared in a neighboring house where they now reside and then brought in fresh, or Slavojka is happy to prepare them in the guest house so guests can observe and even try their hand at preparing some Montenegrin specialties. Meals may be enjoyed in the dining area indoors, on a terrace, or out on the farm.

This location is ideal for adventurers with hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and backcountry skiing all being readily available. Also, the Vuković Organic Farm is ideal for a family adventure. The large plain and sprawling farm provide an ideal, safe place for kids to explore and discover village farm life and surrounding hiking adventures.

Vukovic Organic Farm Stay Features

  • Located in Stitarica Village near the main entrance to Biogradska Gora National Park, near Biogradsko Lake
  • 3 separate cabins for small family or a large group adventure
    • Traditional House – Top Floor – open living area with bedding for 4 persons, handmade wood carved amenities w/ 1 bathroom – 50 euros
    • Traditional House – Both Floor – open living area with bedding for 4 persons, handmade wood carved amenities w/ 1 bathroom – 50 euros
    • New House – multi-story with 3 bedrooms to sleep 6 persons w/ 1.5 bathrooms – 60 euros
    • Tiny Cabin – sleeping space for 2 w/ shared bathroom in new house – 20 euros
  • Located near the #6 and #13 most scenic roads in Montenegro (E80) (P4)
  • Woodburning stove in each house
  • Terraces and large outdoor covered picnic area available
  • Organic meals available
  • Multiple gardens, orchards
  • Watermill
  • Free parking available on the farm
  • Hiking, biking; back country skiing, cross country skiing
  • Ethno Village Stitarica provides easy access to Biogradska Gora National Park


3 reviews

  1. Beautiful nature, gracious hosts, great food.

    Our family experienced clean, unhurried, Montenegrin village life at the Vuković home. Slava and Dušan, our hosts, showed incredible hospitality and a strong desire to accommodate our needs. Dušan graciously assisted us through a wonderful hike and horseback riding. They possess a large property including a vegetable garden, apple trees, raspberry bushes, and a large front yard great for family play. Slava cooked three delicious meals for us, and we tasted freshly baked bread, vegetables sliced and cooked to perfection, and hearty meats. We made an immediate connection with Slava and Dušan and hope to visit them again.

  2. My husband and I enjoyed 2 nights at this lovely green farm and do not have a single negative thing to say about it.
    The accommodations are spacious and comfortable, decorated with colorful rugs and bedspreads and assorted traditional objects.
    We ate abundant and delicious dinners and breakfasts comprised of traditional homemade foods prepared and served by Slava and her son Dusan and his partner Kristina, all of whom were kind, warm, generous and focused on making our stay excellent. Their cousins were generous and welcoming as well.
    We enjoyed seeing the gardens, the source for their water, and the cows (who’s thick yogurts milk we enjoyed with meals).
    A highlight for us, besides the good companionship and conversation (despite not sharing fluency in a common language) was a hike through fields and trees to the top of the prominent high spot next to the farm which offered big views of the surrounding mountains and territory.
    We hope we can return some day…

  3. Peaceful mountain stay

    We had a lovely stay in July 2021. Jovan helped us find a farm stay that suited our family, and we were very pleased with the Vukovic Farm. The hosts were kind and attentive. We loved meeting the extended family who has a farm near the cabin we stayed in, where we saw Montenegrin hospitality in action. We were given a tour and shared beers under the shade of a tree despite not having a common language. It was a peaceful, quiet weekend.

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