Bushcraft Mountain Adventure – 5 days – Montenegro

Essential bushcraft skills training in a dynamic mountain environment. Time with friends in jaw-dropping settings.

The 5-day Bushcraft Mountain Adventure brings with it a load of fun, laughter, memories, key skill transfer, and, for advanced outdoorsmen or women, some friendly competition. This is both a retreat to nature and a sustained hands-on learning experience.  Key competency skills covered include safety, basic camp craft, building fire, navigation, building shelter in nature, locating and filtering water, foraging, and improvised trapping. Trainers draw from generations of knowledge in Montenegro as well as modern developments internationally to bring a holistic approach to Bushcraft trade and training.

For novices at thriving in nature, a hands-on teaching approach builds understanding and confidence in key skills. Advanced bushcraft participants will thrive on competitions to hone each others’ skills (as well as bragging rights) and have an unforgettable adventure.

The Komovi Mountain (8159 ft / 2487 m) area does not receive the attention of other mountain spots in the country because of difficulty to access and lack of publicity to date. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy undisturbed nature with some occasional surprises to connect you to the unbelievable Montenegrin culture and spirit. You will disconnect from the world for these days and reconnect with nature and friends. The unspoiled nature offers amazing photography possibilities including a night sky where you can often see more stars than imaginable including the Milky Way Galaxy due to zero light pollution.

While this experience provides great training for wild-camping enthusiasts or novices that want to learn, you can go as spartan as you like–or not. You need to bring a sleeping bag with ground pad and a knife. (Bags should be rated at least to freezing as night temperatures can drop into the low single digits.) A flashlight is also recommended.  If you want to bring a tent or other gear for peace of mind, that is OK too. The bushcraft team wants you to be comfortable and have a great experience. They always have a great time when they are in nature and want to share their passion for the great outdoors. Bushcraft in Montenegro is as much about living well as it is about surviving.

Trip Schedule

Based on participants skill levels, the schedule is subject to change. Competency in key areas will be assessed and schedule revised based on participant needs and interest.

Day 1 – airport pickup (TGD or TIV), 4×4 on and off-road adventure to rendezvous point of Bushcraft Mountain Adventure; hike to camp and cover safety and basic camp craft

Day 2 – Firelighting methods, finding and using tinder, navigation

Day 3 – Making various types of shelter, finding water, and water filtration

Day 4 – Recognition and use of wild edible plants as well as making improvised traps

Day 5 – Close camp, hike out, barbecue feast; 4×4 transfer on and off-road to airport

Features of the Bushcraft Mountain Adventure

  • 5 days personalized Bushcraft training (usually a 1:3 trainer/trainee ratio)
  • Planned campsite at Komovi Mountain
  • Temporary shelter
  • Food and beverage provided throughout the course
  • Rudimentary shower available in camp
  • Montenegro-style barbecue on last full day (vegetarian option available with advance notice)
  • Airport transfers include 4×4 on and off-road adventure
  • Exceptional day and night time photo opportunities

Suggested Gear List for Bushcraft on Komovi Mountain

  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight / torch
  • Sleeping bag with ground pad (should be rated down to at least 32 F / 0 C
  • Layers / gear for warmth down to 32 F / 0 C
  • Personal rain gear
  • Extra set of clothing
  • Tent – optional

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