Bushcraft Scout Course – Mountains – Montenegro

Bushcraft is a way of life for some. In Montenegro, that way of life is a little bit slower. Learn key skills during the Mountain version of the Scout Course from great trainers that love what they do. The skills you will learn in this course include: safety and basic camp craft; how to use a bushcraft knife; making potable water in nature; basic orientation skills; fire lighting methods; shelter building; and wild cooking. Along the way there will be a lot to learn in nature including foraging and safety in mountainous terrain.

Not only will you learn key skills, you will also have an amazing experience with nationals that love nature and living well outside of the concrete jungle. During your Mountain Scout Course, you will explore the Komovi Mountain area. At night, you will see more stars than seems possible on a clear night. If ever you wanted to take a picture of the Milky Way Galaxy, this is a great opportunity.

While this experience provides great training for wild-camping enthusiasts or novices that want to learn, you can go as spartan as you like–or not. You need to bring a sleeping bag and knife. If you want to bring a tent or other gear for peace of mind, that is OK. The bushcraft team wants you to be comfortable and have a great experience. They always have a great time when they are in nature and want to share their passion for the great outdoors. This course is as much about living well as it is about surviving.

Features of Bushcraft Scout Course in the mountains

  • 2 days Bushcraft training
  • Planned campsite at Komovi Mountain
  • Temporary shelter
  • Food throughout the course

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  1. What is the price(prize) of This activity?

  2. Response to pricing question

    All of our offerings are guaranteed departure. This means that if you book it, the adventure module will happen. We think this is important. We put a minimum cost for booking a module. For this one it is 180 euros for 1, 2, or 3 people. If a single person signs on for this and pays the full amount, we will seek to add other people to the course. If we are able to add additional participants, then the costs will reduce down to half of 180 (or 90 euros) if two people, and down to a third of 180 (or 60 euros) if 3 or more people. We will refund any price differentials as bookings develop. Let us know if you have any more questions on this and we hope to see you in Bushcraft soon. We think you’ll love it!

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    Which would be the price for our group ? Yes Possible we would maybe like to make some manual labor or something else for you so for us can Possibly pay nothing. You would be contact me by e-mail I leave you my address: m.legoupil1403@gmail.com

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