Cakor Katun and Campground – Montenegro

A katun ideally located for hikers, MTB, off-road, and adventurers who want to return to an organic world with brilliant sunsets.

Some locals have referred to the katun as the very essence of Montenegrin culture. Perhaps that makes Cakor Katun the heart of the essence of Montenegro’s heritage. This katun is a powerhouse for producing dairy products, fresh vegetables, and some outstanding farm to table national foods. Cakor offers a good launching or final destination point along the Katun Road for hut to hut hiking or mountain biking.

The Jokić Family has been doing life here for generations. All of the farming and cooking mastery have been passed down to Gordana, who is the smiling, but hardworking mama in charge of bringing goodness to life here.

Besides being a great start or finish point on The Katun Road thru-hike or MTB hut-to-hut adventure, it also is a good place to make home base for some day rides for MTBers or for some 4×4 off road outings.

Cakor Katun for thru hiking in Montenegro

FEATURES OF THE Cakor Katun and CAmpground

  • Sleeps 6 with 3 separate structures sleeping 2 people each
  • Organic farm to table national cuisine available
  • Multiple seating areas outdoors for eating and gathering
  • Indoor bathroom with shower and hot water as well as outdoor bathroom
  • Running fresh spring water outdoors
  • Lunch, dinner, and brown bag lunches available
  • Opportunity to milk livestock, make cheese, learn traditional recipes, do katun life – all included
  • On the Katun Road – thru-hiking & MTB destination
  • Parking available on location
  • Limited electricity available for charging electronic devices in hosts’ cabin via solar panels
  • Asphalt road in good condition with easy dirt road access the last 100 meters

9 reviews

  1. We LOVED this place!

    We stayed at Cakor Katun in the spring of 2018 while beginning a cycle trip on the Katun Road. We LOVED this place! The food was fantastic and plentiful, the cabin with wood stove (much needed at that time of year) was cozy and comfortable. Most of all Gordana and her family were very warm, friendly, and hospitable. Top it off with a beautiful view over the valley below after a great pedal through the countryside and it made for a fantastic day. I can highly recommend a stop at Cakor Katun if you are planning a trip in the area. If you are not planning such a trip, then plan one so you can stay here!

  2. Gives a real feeling of life on a farm

    Cakor Katun was the first overnight stop in the Katun Road trek we did on September 2018.
    The farm is located a 5 minute steep walk from the Cakor pass which provides splendid panoramic views into the surrounding area – go catch the sunset there if you have the energy after a long day of hiking – it’s worth it! 🙂
    Gordana and her family were very welcoming and were attentive to anything we needed, making sure we had enough warm blankets (it can get pretty cold there at night) and feeding us two delicious meals.
    The sleeping cabin was comfortable and clean, there was also a nice indoor shower with running (very) hot water, and overall the place is very charming and gives you a real feeling of life on a farm. We highly recommend a stay here whether you’re planning to do a multi day trek or even just for a night as it is also accessible for a private car.

  3. True culture and a million dollar view

    On a girlfriend trip, me and a few of my closest friends experienced true culture and a million dollar view when we stayed at Cakor Katun. Gordana and her family were gracious and attentive hosts. It was like being invited into their family. She allowed us to join her in making a favorite cultural dish-Pita. What a fun time. You won’t want to miss out on this stop!

  4. Just perfect!

    Such a cool experience!! Getting to experience katun culture of Montenegro along with this incredible view and kind and hardworking hostess, was perfect! It really was such a unique experience that I will not forget!

  5. Charmingly rustic

    The katun experience was great, as our team of five fit snug into the katun and was able to get a good night’s rest along our journey. Gordona and her family were so kind and accommodating and she even let me help her milk the sheep and cows! The farm is charmingly rustic and the view simply stunning. Highly recommend for a few night’s stay!

  6. One of my favorite experiences this year!

    Simply spectacular. Full exposure to everyday farm life in the mountains of Montenegro. The hosts are hard-working and generous in all ways. The food was delicious! All grown on site and cooked fresh each day….in a wood burning stove! I felt like I was part of the family and even got to learn to make Pita, a traditional dish. Rustic, sweet, humble, and yet amazing. One of my favorite experiences this year!

  7. I stayed in a katun!!!!

    On a recent girlfriend trip, we stayed at Cakor Katun and were given such amazing hospitality. We were served delicious farm to table food in a setting like something from a magazine! We all fit cozy into the katun with plenty of warm blankets and the light rain on the roof was a bonus to enhance a good nights sleep.

    I highly recommend Cakor Katun… the experience is unforgettable!

  8. Come hungry to the Cakor Katun

    I must start by saying, “Come hungry to the Cakor Katun.” The Cakor Katun is a bit rustic-looking from the outside but very clean and comfortable on the inside. After a day of hiking and biking, the indoor shower/bathroom was quite luxurious. The grounds are a beautiful working farm/garden. In all directions the views are spectacular. Clear night skies offer breathtaking star gazing. With a star-finder app you can have a lot of night time fun a Cakor Katun. You can also sit for hours in the morning watching the low lying fog move though the valleys, hiding and revealing portions of the mountain beauty which later in the morning is fully revealed. The main house is immaculate. The evening meal had a variety of fresh cheeses and other local foods. The homecooked breads and sides were somehow endless. This seems to be part of Gordana’s magic; she smiles and cooks, serves and cleans, and smiles and cooks some more. Come hungry to the Cakor Katun. The morning meal, fresh yogurt, breads, and a local variant of “doughnuts” was delicious. In the mountains of Montenegro, in preparation for a day of MTB and hiking, there may be nothing healthier than a Gordana breakfast. For me, one of the high-lights of this katun was the brisk morning downhill MTB ride I took to the town below, Lijeva. With so much off-road and uphill challenging MTB in Montenegro, this downhill ride, with occasional horse and cattle obstacles, was exhilarating. I hope to return in the Spring to the Cakor Katun, a gem on my hut-to-hut adventure. And when I do return, I will come hungry to the Cakor Katun, happy to see Gordana’s smile.

  9. Excellent stay

    So wish to visit time and again

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