Dedushi Guest House in Prokletije – Montenegro

Ideal location for hiking and horseback riding in Prokletije National Park

In the upper part of Vusanje Village, the Dedushi Guest House in Prokletije National Park offers spectacular views of the most rugged mountain peaks in Montenegro and Albania. This horse farm sits on the Peaks of the Balkans trail making it a great destination for thru-hiking or multi-day family adventures.

From the Dedushi Guest House, travelers can travel to nearby spots including the Ali Pasha Springs and the Grlja Waterfall. Also, a number of day hikes or horseback trail riding can launch from this area including:

  • Zla Kolata – the highest mountain peak in Montenegro (full day, difficult)
  • Koliba Zastan and Buni i Jezerce – the valley of the lakes at the Albanian border (full day, moderate)
  • Grlja Waterfall – (half day, easy)
  • Ropojansko Jezero – glacial lake and mountain peak (half day, moderate)

Private rooms are for groups of guests. With a range of the number of beds in the rooms, guests will have a shared room only with people from their group. There are indoor & covered outdoor dining areas. Three bathrooms are available for property guests with one inside the house and two in a nearby water closet area.

National meals are part of the adventure at the Dedushi Guest House. Plan to try foods that are from the Montenegrin and Albanian cultures with many farm fresh ingredients sourced from the village.

Dedushi Guest House in Prokletije for horseback trail riding


Features of the Dedushi Guest House in Prokletije National Park

  • Located at the top of Vusanje Selo or village, offering exceptional lookout views – 18 euros per person per night with breakfast included
  • The Dedushi Guest House has a traditional home (being refurbished, not in use now) and a new contemporary home that is two-stories
  • The home has four rooms for guests including a 2 single bed room, a double with single room, a 3 single bed room, a 5 single bed room, and a 6 single bed room
  • Organic, traditional meals available–lunch sack-4 euros; dinner-6 (add-on meals for kids 5 and under are free if purchasing meals for adults)
  • Two outdoor dining areas and one indoor dining area provide covered and open dining options
  • Two terraces provide places for good views and conversation or contemplation
  • Traditional wood-burning stove for heating and cooking
  • Located inside the national park providing access to key points
  • Biking routes are marked, many are asphalt on local roads, but there are challenging MTB options
  • Horseback riding available with traditional saddles – guests up to 13 years of age may ride 2 on a horse. These are proven slow and steady mountain horses that are ideal for the mountainous terrain.
  • Access to fly fishing – 15-minute drive
  • Parking available on location
  • WiFi access included
  • Accessible by car on paved roads

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Dedusi Guest House in Prokletije – Montenegro

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