Fly Fishing for Huchen Near Prokletije National Park – Montenegro

Advanced fly fishing for the Huchen or Danube Salmon

Fly fishing for Huchen near Prokletije National Park offers trophy catches for those skilled enough and willing to put in the time and energy. A waterway is born in Prokletije at the Ali Pasha Spring (Ali Pašina Izvor). Here crystal clear springs gush from the rock and come up from the ground into pools that start a new waterway. This waterway forms the Vruja River that flows into the Ljuca River and then Plav Lake and the Lim River. While a number of fish make their way up and down this water system throughout the year, one trophy fish here is the Huchen–also sometimes referred to as the Danube Salmon with possible sub-species of hucho hucho or European Taimen. This fish spawns as far upstream as the originating spring and can be found in hidden places along the waterway including in the Lim River, some 15 km from the spawning point.

The Huchen is elusive and a selective feeder. Our guide will get you where the big ones are and help you with the best nymph selection for the season and technique. However, catching a Huchen is a difficult process. This is advanced fly fishing for the committed (and it doesn’t hurt to be lucky too).

Fly fishing for Huchen near Prokletije National Park in Montenegro

Best Time for Fly Fishing for Huchen in Northern Montenegro

Ideal fly fishing times for the Huchen change with the season, but often this adventure requires an early and a late session with some down time in-between. Of course, there is always the opportunity to fill downtime with good food or with more fly fishing for other species like the grayling.

The best time of year for fly fishing in Montenegro, like in other places, is affected by a number of natural factors including snowfall and snowmelt, rains, resulting water levels, UV levels, and fly hatches. In light of these factors, the best times and places for fly fishing for huchen in Northern Montenegro include:

  • January-February – Lim River and Luca River – targeting mostly Huchen
  • June-July – Lim River, Luca River, and Plav Lake – targeting Huchen and grayling
  • October-November – Lim River and Luca River – targeting Huchen and Lake Trout

Features of Fly Fishing for Huchen in Prokletije

  • One day fishing in the Prokletije water system with a professional guide [the guide will select which river(s) and/or lake for maximum potential to catch a Huchen based on the time of year and current fish migration]
  • Pickup from and return to nearby lodging or meet at a local coffee shop
  • Ratio of fishers to guide max at 2:1 for Huchen sessions
  • Includes a day pass for fly fishing on the rivers and lake that are open for the season in approved zones
  • Ideal tackle and rods are provided
  • Limited quantities and sizes of waders and boots available
  • All fishing is catch and release

For more info, see the complete overview to fly fishing Montenegro

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