Hut to Hut Nordic Backcountry Ski Touring – 5+ days – Montenegro

This is #crazygoodtravel meets #crazygoodskiing.

We love skiing, mountains, new trails, old traditions, time with friends, as well as organic food and beverages. Because of all this, we are working hard to develop this hut to hut Nordic backcountry ski touring expedition. Come enjoy the breathtaking wow and all that goes with it in the mountainous back country of Montenegro in winter.

To explore the land named after mountains, it only makes sense that the exploration will require going out into those mountains. Adventurers at heart are now able to join locals in Montenegro that have been finding winter routes through these mountains. Combined with a developing network of village farm stay and mountain hut partners, we are glad to share that we are now ready for the first wave of explorers. Bring your passion for skiing adventure and let’s continue to explore this amazing place together.

During our first year of hut to hut Nordic backcountry ski touring, we are calling only for the seasoned veterans that are ready to tackle new ski terrain and help us as we explore and calibrate a hut to hut ski network. Our ultimate goal is to provide ski in / ski out options with a host of winterized farm stay and mountain hut partners ready to show local hospitality connected by a host of tracks. While we have made a ton of progress we are still open to doing transfers as needed and finding the best way to get our guests on terrain to match their skill level.

Hut to hut Nordic Backcountry Touring Schedule

Day 1 – Arrive at first hut location in central / northern Montenegro – possible ski-in required followed by traditional, organic meal.

Day 2 – Short trek outing to warm up and assess physical and skill levels, likely to spend the night at original hut location.

Day 3-4 (and possibly 5) – Skiing in the Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, or Komovi mountain area, probable hut transfer.

Day 5 or 6 – Breakfast and transfer to airport.

Requirements for Hut to Hut Nordic Backcountry ski Touring in Montenegro

  • Each skier must be at an intermediate to advanced skill level.
  • Routes will be adjusted based on skill level and physical fitness. Moderate to good fitness levels are necessary for these outings.
  • Skiers need to be able to transport essential gear and any additional gear by backpack during outings.
  • Medical forms to be signed and completed prior to arrival.
  • Skiers are to secure adventure travel insurance prior to arrival.

Hut to Hut Nordic ski Touring Features

  • Three or four full days of skiing with a trained mountain ski guide
  • Guaranteed departures for groups ranging in size from 1 to 7 people
  • Ability assessment on first-day skiing
  • Routes will be adjusted based on group ability level
  • Spectacular wintery mountain views in the backcountry
  • Help establish hut to hut tracks
  • Paying it forward to future skiers with critical data and input
  • Overnight stays at select Meanderbug Farm Stay Network partners and cooperating mountain huts
  • Traditional, organic meals and beverages with Montenegrin mountain hospitality (let us know of special dietary needs before the trip)
  • Safety net on call in case equipment or health issues arise
  • Transfers to and from airport


In the hut to hut format, there is a balance between having sufficient gear and not overpacking because your pack will be with you all along the way. In our world, you won’t need to pack any calories unless you are a picky eater. We think organic, traditional mountain foods are perfect for what we are about. That will save a lot of space and weight. Here’s the list you will need.

  • Nordic backcountry skis (waxless/fishscale pattern) NNN BC or Salomon BC 75mm three pin
  • Skins are ideal for uphill climbs, but a waxless/fishscale pattern is essential
  • Ski boots that allow for hiking comfortably if needed – recommended materials are leather or a soft plastic
  • Ski poles should be long and strong
  • Backpack – likely to be in the 35 – 55L range
  • Thermal underwear top and bottom – 2 sets
  • Second layer top could be wool, fleece, bamboo, etc.
  • Third layer vest or jacket
  • Hooded shell coat for cold days or times of day
  • Waterproof shell pants
  • Glove system – at least liners and cold weather gloves – recommend multiple liners as precaution against wet gear
  • Socks – we like a clean pair every day, but you can get by with at least two pairs
  • Head gear – a couple weights of head cover are important for a range of conditions from sunny to sustained cold, windy conditions
  • Face gear – a mask or balaclava is good for peak and plateau skiing in cold, windy conditions
  • Headlamp or head torch
  • Sleeping bag liner for additional warmth if needed
  • We suggest a few utility items including: sunglasses, pocket knife, and duct tape
  • Water bottles – minimum 2 litres of water containment for daily consumption – we will refill with mountain spring water every night
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant if you like the people you are skiing with
  • NOT needed: probe, shovel, and transceiver – the terrain we will traverse will is not conducive to avalanches

Contact us with your questions. We are glad to help!


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