Mimosa Festival – Montenegro – February

A pre-Spring celebration in the Herceg Novi region that is all about flowers, fish, wine, music, and fun.

Every February at the beginning of spring, hundreds of locals and a number of others flock to the gorgeous port city of Herceg Novi for the Mimosa Festival, a pre-Spring coastal celebration. The yellow species of the mimosa flower is one of the first flowers to bloom. The bright mimosa flower signals that Spring will come again. It is a glimmer of the bright, sunny days that lie ahead.

In preparation for the mimosa festival, a team of volunteers will pick over 10,000 mimosa flowers from numerous trees in the area and arrange them in bouquets. The volunteers then distribute the bouquets of golden flowers in spots all over the city. During the festival, any passerby can grab one to celebrate. Vendors set up tents in the city streets and give out small fried fish, bread, wine, and of course, mimosa flowers. A parade goes through the streets, comprised of a group of musicians, dancers, and creative locals adding to the celebration.

After stuffing themselves with fish and wine, people go to the city square. Dancing breaks out soon after as everyone, young and old, welcome spring. Activities are set up for the younger participants. It is a time for food, flowers, and fun.

While the parade day and night concert is one of our favorite times of the celebration, the event is being expanded throughout the month. There are a number of concerts, masked balls, and activities for the kids all month long. Check the website for more detailed info if you plan to be in the area.

We encourage you to join the locals with their festive spirit and welcome the hint of spring in this beautiful coastal spot in Montenegro. The festival is sponsored by the regional governments and local businesses and is free. There are also organic products and artisan handmade goods for sale by locals. 

Here are more pics and a first-hand account of the Mimosa coastal celebration. Enjoy!

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Happening in the Herceg Novi and Igalo area throughout the month of February