Kaludarske Kape Katun – Montenegro

Traditional katun experience on the Katun Road hut-to-hut adventure

The katun is the only architectural distinctive of Montenegro according to scholars. That makes Kaludarske Kape Katun a glimpse back in time to what katun life has been like for centuries. Experience scraped dirt floors, wood stove heating and cooking, farm to table organic everything, and hospitality to epitomize the goodness of Montenegro.

Biljana keeps things moving at Kaludarske Kape. Her family has a multi-speciated approach to permaculture which includes chickens, pigs, sometimes sheep, and a varied garden. As a result, guests will enjoy her homemade juice, cheese, bread, salads, pita, etc. And her gracious smile is a warm welcome for travelers even if you don’t share a common language.

Kaludarske Kape Katun is a great overnight point for hikers, mountain bikers, or 4×4 adventurers on the Katun Road hut-to-hut adventure. And for those that want to experience authentic katun life for a few days, you won’t find a more real, worthwhile adventure.

Permaculture at Kaludarske Kape Katun in Northern Montenegro

FEATURES OF the Kaludarske Kape katun

  • Sleeps four people and space for camping
  • Organic farm to table national cuisine available
  • Multiple seating areas outdoors for eating and gathering
  • Compost toilet
  • Running fresh spring water outdoors
  • Lunch, dinner, and brown bag lunches available
  • Opportunity to milk livestock, make cheese, learn traditional recipes, do katun life – all included
  • On the Katun Road – thru-hiking & MTB destination
  • Parking available on location

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