Farm to Fork Family Dinner at Dragan and Mikica’s – Montenegro

Locally sourced organic goodness near Podgorica to share with friends and family

The Donja Gorica area of Podgorica is one of the fastest developing areas of Podgorica today. That’s all well and fine, but we are fond of the area just a little further north in Beri Village. This pastoral community has a range of family farms and vineyards. As a whole, these farms make for some spectacular settings. And an organic approach to permaculture or multi-speciated farming creates a spectacular opportunity for farm to fork family dinner in Northern Podgorica.

Throughout their adult lives, Dragan and Mikica have dreamed of a return to the village. Once they made that move several years ago, they began developing their multi-speciated farm concept. They now grow a range of vegetables including carrots, beans, leafy greans, peppers, peas, and eggplant. On the fruit side, they harvest strawberries, blueberries, as well as vranac grapes for their own red (or black as the locals call it) wine. They also raise chickens and turkeys for fresh eggs and meat. They also have a range of herbs and aromatics that they grow and forage.

For years Mikica has hosted friends and small groups through her network for a meal with rave reviews. Now they are opening their farm to host travelers for an evening to remember.

Guests will enjoy a range of foods that are prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Options here include a tour-de-force of organic national foods or fusion possibilities with an Italian theme. Of course, these include the freshly baked bread of the day along with other specialties like nettle soup, superb kacamak with roasted meat or vegetables, or fresh made pasta as a base for organic fusion or some other creation of the day. All meals are served family style.

Features of Farm to Fork Family Dinner at Dragan and Mikica’s

  • Farm to fork family dinners are usually served 7 to 9 PM with reservations – 12 euros per person
  • Locally sourced organic ingredients from and near Dragan and Mikica’s
  • National foods or Italian-themed fusion dishes
  • All foods served based on foods that are in season
  • Beverages include homemade wine, juice, and/or seasonal harvest infused water, domaci coffee, and/or organic foraged tea blends
  • Can accommodate most special dietary needs including vegetarian or gluten-free (put necessary info in comments when ordering)
  • Open tour of the farm

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2 reviews

  1. YUMMY

    This was an experience that is hard to explain. I’ve eaten at fine restaurants and the food was not as good. All the food was freshly prepared and served family style. The food was all local and much of it grown right there on property .We ate with the family and had a super visit .

  2. Amazing!

    We sat down at a candlelit table in the front yard to eat. The first dish was nettle soup which I had tried a taste of before in Nepal but still didn’t understand how something so painful to my skin could taste so good in my mouth. I devoured the entire bowl like a pig in a hog-sty. The grilled veggies and meats were next along with two more dishes of fresh bread, prosciuttos, and cheeses. There was pork, beef, chicken, and even lamb. I was in heaven! I ate every bite within 30 minutes and felt so full until I saw the dessert…. cake and ice cream that gave me a few brain freezes but it was still amazing. ~ Ryrie, age 10

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