Professional Photo Shoot – Montenegro

The pearl of the Adriatic offers the most bio-diverse and architecturally fascinating backdrops imaginable. Picture that!

You will want pictures. Lots of pictures. When you finally make it to the pearl of the Adriatic with your favorite people and Montenegro’s beautiful beaches, Venetian coastal towns, and towering mountains, a professional photo shoot is a worthy investment. The most bio-diverse country in Europe offers the most bio-diverse and architecturally fascinating backdrops imaginable. Capture these special times for memories you can look back on and share with others.

Whether you are coming in by ship for a port of call in Kotor or traveling in the country for a number of days, a professional photo shoot can capture your special time among some of the wild beauty of Montenegro.  Yes to taking lots of pictures. And yes to making sure that some of those pictures are taken with the highest standards of quality and artistry.

Crazy Good Travel goes hand-in-hand with crazy good pictures. We work with the top tier photographers in the country that deliver this module.

Features of Professional Photo Shoot

  • 2 hour photo shoot – minimum 50 photos – 295 euros
  • Full day photo shoot (up to 10 hours) – minimum 200 photos – 590 euros
  • Photos will be edited and delivered within 7 days via internet link
  • Additional travel expenses apply for select locations

Suggested Photo Shoot Locations

Photo shoots can be arranged in a vast number of places. Local professional photographers use their knowledge of the area and contacts to provide the optimal photo shoot experience. While there are too many places to list and some that the photographers keep private, some ideal photo shoot locations include:

  • Venetian coastal town of Kotor
  • Mount Lovcen with use of the gumno and mountain vista
  • Near Sveti Stefan Island
  • Beaches of Budva or Ulcinj
  • Old towns of Herceg Novi, Budva, Petrovac, Bar, or Ulcinj
  • A vineyard in the vranac grape area near the coast
  • Historic Cetinje
  • Many of the mountains, lakes, and rivers of the country

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