Serene Haven Farm Stay – Montenegro

Remote mountainside farm stay with mavens of foraging...and the resulting goodness of organic national foods and beverages.

If there is a forager’s forager, Milun and Nada Bozovic would very possibly be the Montenegrin candidates. They have subsisted for many years gathering herbs and mushrooms for use and for sale. On the early wave of rural tourism in Montenegro, they are offering their charmingly modest Serene Haven Farm Stay, knowledge of so many skills and traditions, mountain hospitality, and vast experience in the great outdoors collecting the earth’s ever-renewing goodness.

Glavaca Village lies on the majestic Bjelasica Mountain. In the most bio-diverse country in Europe, this is one of the key spots known throughout the country as a special place in nature.

Their cottage is a two-story with two in-line bedrooms and four beds total. Downstairs in the living room are two couches that can also be used for sleeping. While you will find a number of antique-type relics in the home, these are actually items still in use for the Bozovic family.

In addition to superb foraging possibilities, hiking and mountain biking options spread all over Bjelasica and other adventure options lie nearby.

Features of Serene Haven

  • Two-story cottage located in Glavaca Village
  • 2 in-line bedrooms upstairs with 4 single beds (3 / 1) and  2 couches in living area sleeping 6 total [stairs are steep and small]
  • Mushroom drying facilities
  • Full bathroom
  • Full Kitchen
  • Organic, traditional meals available
  • Foraging experts that are happy to share their knowledge with others
  • Free parking available on the farm
  • Hiking and mountain biking opportunities in the area

6 reviews

  1. Serenity defines this place

    The name “Serene Haven,” really defined my experience here from the minute I walked in the door. I loved the quaint cabin and the rustic furniture. Nada took me and my family foraging, and as an herb lover, I was absolutely amazed at the diversity of herbs that exist in Montenegro. For lunch, Nada served us some delicious mountain cheese, nettle pie, fresh wild strawberries, and pickled peppers (a Montenegrin delicacy) along with her homemade teas and juices. The thing I loved most about Serene Haven was how everything was so fresh and organic. I also enjoyed Serene Haven’s uniqueness in that it offered a more nomadic experience with so much emphasis on foraging in the wild as opposed to a more traditional type of mountain farm environment. I would recommend this place to anyone who wishes to fully immerse themselves in nature as well as a refreshing getaway.

  2. Loved it!

    I spent 1 day and night at the Serene Haven Farm Stay and I loved it! The house was near a hike to forage, and the family was kind enough to take us to teach us about the types of plants. We picked ourselves some tea plants and later made some delicious tea with plants. Overall, this is a 5/5 stay, and if you go ask for pancakes (they’re great)!

  3. Amazing view, hiking, and people

    I stayed here for one night with four other guys and we had an absolute blast! Nada cooked us an amazing meal and was quick to serve us that evening. After dinner we hung out with Nada and Milun in their homemade hillside porch and drank delicious mountain tea. The view is amazing and the hiking around is magnificent! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a real Montenegrin village experience!

  4. Amazing!

    I spent the night at this place, and it was amazing! We stayed in a cozy cottage and has an amazing dinner. The land is beautiful, and the host family was very kind and hospitable. I would absolutely come again if given the opportunity!

  5. One of the best dinners I have ever had!

    Milun and Nada Bozovic are possibly two of the most hospitable people I have ever met in my life. Although we did not have the ability to speak to them directly, their daughter Jelena helped translate a few things for us. They cooked us one of the best dinners I have ever had in my life, stuffed peppers, with bread, tomatoes, and juice! The small cottage they host slept six very comfortably. Nada is a forager so she knows all about tea plants and mushrooms, and boy do they know how to make a great cup of tea. She even gave us some complementary tea for staying with her for the evening. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun mountain adventure in Montenegro! You better believe if I ever get the opportunity, I will be back.

  6. Great hospitality and setting

    I stayed one night at Serene Haven. Nada and Milun were excellent in providing great hospitality. The lunch was “super”. The fall setting was was picturesque. It was truly serene. I did not care going down the ladder from the loft. Everything else was great.

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