Kuca Kljajica – Organic Farm and Apiary – Montenegro

When it comes to rustic, traditional Montenegro, the Kljajić family nails it. They serve commoners and royalty alike.

When it comes to rustic, traditional Montenegro, the Kljajić family nails it at their farm stay–Kuca Kljajica. Built in 1918, their home’s modern modifications (like a bathroom) have been designed to work brilliantly with the space. They practice organic farming of vegetables and raspberries. They are also 1 of 3 certified organic beekeepers in the country. And yes, they have served their honey to royalty including Prince Charles and Camilla.

Family dining at the Kljajic Kuca Farm

At the Kljajic family farm, organic foods find their way in abundance to the table where Maja serves up monster family-style helpings of local dishes. They swear that no one has ever left their table hungry and they plan to keep it that way. Milan, Maja, and their children exhibit the beauty that is Montenegrin hospitality.

While the Kljajic home immerses you in local culture, it also opens up great hiking and mountain biking on surrounding mountains. Lake and fly-fishing in nearby rivers are also accessible to enjoy the peaceful setting and have a chance to catch a grayling or other unique fish species.

Features of the Kuca Kljajica farm stay

  • Private house with 3 bedrooms
  • 1 room with 4 beds, 1 room with 2 single beds, and a master bedroom with a king bed configuration and an additional single bed (sleeps 8 or 9) 
  • Small kitchen
  • Dining area inside and outside by garden and raspberry field
  • Organic national food meals available
  • Adventure abounds including village life, hiking, biking, fly fishing, cross-country skiing

3 reviews

  1. Wonderfully authentic experience

    We stayed in the Kljajic house on a cool March weekend. The rustic cabin was kept comfortable with a wood fire and warm hospitality. We opted for dinner and breakfast and had so much national cuisine, we could only sample everything we were served. The bathroom was tastefully added to leave the home in touch with its rural surroundings and provide modern convenience. The hosts were more than hospitable and eager to make our stay enjoyable.

  2. I will definitely go there agin!

    Amazing location, the food is domestic and delicious, hosts are one of the nicest people I have met.


    Well, we hadn’t even entered into to the old house but a meal was already on the table. And that meal is something to remember.
    Later, I was just enjoying hanging around with this great family. There I realized that they are one of the first families that are trying to bring the world to Montenegro. And they are doing it!
    Go, you will not regret.

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Kljajic family house


A benchmark of Montenegrin culture and hospitality, the Kljajić home sleeps 8. Organic farm to table meals available. Certified organic bee keeping. Hiking and mountain biking from property. Fly-fishing nearby.

Check-in: 3:00 PM Check out: noon