Vuceljic Do Orchard and Adventure – Montenegro

Equal parts orchard and adventure, this farm stay invites guests to retreat from the busyness and noise of life.

Nestled in the Komovi mountains, this organic apple orchard invites guests to retreat from the busyness and noise of life. The property lies on a dirt road that is part of the hiking and mountain biking trail system in the Komovi area. Getting to this farm stay by vehicle can be a challenge due to the mountainous village road, but that’s part of the get-away experience. Once you are there, you won’t want to leave the pastoral farmland. This property is perfect for those looking to get away; seeking mountain adventure hiking or mountain biking; or desiring immersion into a local living experience. This is orchard and adventure.

All foods here are organic from the Vuceljic garden or neighboring villagers. This is a farm to table experience that receives from and gives help back to the village community.

Eager to show their tradition and local living, the Vuceljic family are able to arrange an outing to a local mill or to enjoy a typical mountain celebration at a summer cottage (katun) where they will roast a whole lamb on the mountain side. And of course, they are always willing to have help in the apple orchard and making of jabuka rakija (apple brandy).

Vucjelic Do orchard and adventure Features

  • Located in Talanovac Village in the Andrijevica Opstina near some of the most scenic roads in Montenegro (BT-AN05 & BT-TT3; E65; M9) near Konjuhe Selo
  • Total access to the sprawling apple orchard
  • Private house with 3 bedrooms: 2 rooms with 2 beds and a master bedroom with a king bed configuration
  • The house sleeps 6 people upstairs and has a couch/bed downstairs in the dining area
  • Functional rocking antique baby cradle
  • Full kitchen with wood-burning stove
  • Dining area both inside and outside
  • National meals available
  • Property is located on hiking / mountain biking trails
  • Free parking available on the Vucjelic Do farm stay – dirt road to property not in good condition for small sedans

1 review

  1. Good Adventure, Great Hosts

    When I, my family, and some friends stayed at the Vucjelic Do Orchard, I was really impressed with our hosts who went out of their way to meet our every need. I follow a gluten-free diet, and it was really great how the hosts, Dragan and Sneza, came up with several food options for me and the other person there who is also gluten intolerant. At every meal, the table was piled with so much food there was barely enough room for everyone’s plate. All the food tasted great. Also, the hosts were very accommodating of the fact that there were five children among all of us, a couple under the age of four. Consequently, they gave us plenty of space to make sure everyone could get enough rest and the kids could have some room to play. Overall, it was a great winter adventure because it was hosted so well.

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