Slope of the Fireflies – Montenegro

Slope of the Fireflies is the convergence of the simple goodness of organic farming, the wild beauty of Montenegro, and globally informed conversation.

Slope of the Fireflies is the convergence of the simple goodness of organic farming, the wild beauty of Montenegro, and globally informed conversation.

With a booming baritone voice and impeccable English, Professor Vugdelic makes guests feel like they belong. The second doctor of the family, Professor Marija Vugdelic adds her love of nature and ecology to the mix. Both profs and the whole family love village life and the samo polako (just calm / take it easy) value Montenegrins hold in high esteem. At the Vugdelic farm this translates to organic ingredients, national food-inspired creations, stimulating conversation, lots of laughter, and possibly even song. (We successfully requested a performance of “If I Were a Rich Man”.)

Marija and her family have done a masterful job of making this a rustic, cultured haven for friends and family. The two-story house has adequate space for gathering downstairs and on the terrace with the bedding upstairs. The traditional décor with bright red accents make the space comfortably inviting.

Food offerings at the Slope of the Fireflies farm encompass a wide range including the national fare standards plus whatever is in season in the area. Expect traditional Montenegro dishes as well as some Italian, French, Turkish, and other European influences. Borrowing from a range of cultures make for a surprising fusion of story and flavors. Meals could include mushrooms, snails, wild berries, elder flower juice, or possibly even a glass of dandelion wine. A range of dietary needs can be met including a vegetarian menu.

In addition to the agritourism possibilities on the farm and in the village, there are hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing options in the immediate area.

Features at Slope of the Fireflies farm

  • Located in the Andrijevica Opstina near some of the most scenic roads in Montenegro (BT-AN05 & BT-TT3; E65; M9)
  • Two-story house that sleeps up to 8 people
  • Private master bedroom
  • Full bathroom
  • Covered terrace for meals and extended conversation
  • Total farm access including gardens and orchards
  • Organic, farm to table, nationally inspired fusion foods
  • Access to village life and activities
  • Hiking, mountain biking in the immediate area
  • Fly fishing nearby
  • English spoken fluently
  • Free parking on property

4 reviews

  1. organic, like nowhere in the world

    Well, this country/nature/family is worth visitnig.
    If you like organic you can find it here.
    But, if you like organic with world-wide tastes that you can not try anywhere on the planet – Dragan is the man who can make it for you:)

  2. A great place with some fantastic food! A great hike is nearby as well which gives you a great view of the surrounding area. Wonderful all natural food made from things grown around the area! An absolute 10 out of 10!

  3. An all around farm stay yes!

    This place great for the family! We had 10 people stay here comfortably, and there was plenty of delicious food suplied for all of us. It has some great nearby hiking opportunties which have outstanding views. 5/5 stay!

  4. Perfect for relaxation, fresh mountain air and enjoying life.

    Our arrival began with truly, warm hospitality. The accommodations were comfy and the food delicious. We enjoyed freshly picked cherries to a unique, yet fantastic, breakfast made from foraged mushrooms. He was also very accommodating to one of our party’s diet restrictions.
    We took full advantage of our host’s impeccable english. I would love to visit again just for the conversations. This place is perfect for relaxation, fresh mountain air and enjoying life.

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