Bungalows in Prokletije National Park – Montenegro

Inside Prokletije National Park and on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, the bungalows offer a good night's rest and lots of organic farm to table foods..

Filled with mountains and adventure, Prokletije now also has lodging options inside the park grounds. In the midst of a multi-country hike along the Peaks of the Balkans or when planning several days in the park you can reserve a stay at the bungalows in Prokletije National Park. While there you can also learn about the role katuns play in Montenegrin history and culture.

Located in the Bajrovica Katun, Samelova Koliba or Samuel’s Cottage includes these newly constructed bungalows. Each bungalow can sleep two people. Also in the katun area is a gazebo, outdoor eating place, and a bathroom with shower. An overnight stay comes with a hot breakfast the next morning to prepare for a day of beauty and adventure.

Located an hour’s hike from Hridsko Jezero (Lake), the bungalows are ideally situated for hiking, mountain biking, and taking in the rugged Prokletije Mountains.

Features of the Bungalows in Prokletije National Park

  • The Prokletije Bungalow sleeps up to two people
  • The Hridsko Bungalow sleeps up to two people
  • Breakfast included with overnight stay
  • Gazebo and seating area to enjoy nature and company
  • Bathroom facilities include running water and shower
  • Outdoor dining options
  • Lunch, dinner, and brown bag lunches available
  • 3 km from Hridsko Lake
  • Foraging and hiking options available
  • Parking available on location
  • Removed from society with dirt/gravel road access – road is in poor condition

5 reviews

  1. A great stay in a small outdoor hut with a comfortable bed! The best part of the stay is waking up, opening the door to a beautiful sunrise on a beautiful mountain. I love the stay and the incredible food. Easily 10 out of 10

  2. Astounding mountain view

    I’ve never stayed in a bungalow, but it was truly a unique experience. I was worried about the chilly air through the night, but I was suprised that I stayed warm the entire night. The view is also just astounding from the stay, and it has a great starting point to hike to one of the Peaks of the Balkans.

  3. A beautiful setting with amazing views and hikes starting right on your doorstep.

    A beautiful setting with amazing views and hikes starting right on your doorstep. Ermina was a wonderful host, very attentive and caring, and her food was hearty and delicious – cheese pie, bean soup, polenta cake, homemade bread, potato stew and more! We were very cold (mid September) because we didn’t realise that the bungalows were so high up (1700metres) and didn’t bring enough warm clothes. If you’re going in spring or autumn, pack extra layers, gloves, beanies, jackets etc!

  4. Beautiful views. Simple home cooked meals.

    We spent 2 nights in one of the small A frame cottages during our 2 week hut to hut mountain biking tour of Montenegro. We enjoyed waking up to the beautiful views and enjoyed simple home cooked meals. As we were there in early spring, fresh vegetables and the variety of food was somewhat limited and the cabins were a bit chilly as there is no heat in the A frames. For cyclists, be prepared that the access road is challenging. A rough, rocky and long climb but your efforts will be rewarded with a fun, fast ride downhill ride after your time at the katun. Also, be aware you will be riding on a gravel or forest service type road, not a specifically designed mountain bike trail.

  5. Best starry skies and a perfect starting points for hikes.

    I had a super nice stay at this katun! Me and my friend stayed 3 nights. It offers an awesome view with stunning sunsets. At night you can enjoy one of the most starry skies you’ll ever see. Perfect starting points for hikes.
    The katun is perfect if you want to get away from the busy city/coastal life. There is no wifi, no cellphone reception and even no electricity – so make sure your camera is fully charged on arrival! When the digital life drops out, you get to do so much other stuff, like… milking a cow! 🙂 getting to know other hikes/familys from different countries staying at the katun, watching the sundown, hiking, drinking tea, …
    At night it gets really cold, as you are at 1700m. Big difference with the 35°C coastal area where we were the days/nights before. I always bring a sleepingbag-liner with me so I had no problem.
    The food is very nice.

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