Tara Canyon Estate and Zip Line – Montenegro

Tara Canyon and the Đurđevića Bridge views out the window, organic produce on the grounds, and adventure in the air.

Situated on the edge of the deepest canyon in Europe, the Tara Canyon Estate and Zip Line offers the best of nature, adventure, and organic foods. Looking out the window, guests can see the famous Đurđevića Bridge spanning the gorge. Featured in several movies, it is the longest bridge in Europe. The longest zip line in the country goes from the Tara Canyon Estate down under the bridge. Guests can also white water raft the Tara River with a local partner.

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: multi-night stays qualify for a 10% discount on lodging and food. Discounts will be applied after order is placed. Zip line bookings through meanderbug already receive a 20% discount.

Plan the 2km hike (each way) down to the Sveti Mihailo Monastery and then continue down to the Tara River for a cold dip in the water. Part of the Durmitor area, this part of Tara Canyon is only some 15 km from the famous Black Lake and the 48-peak Durmitor massif. This makes it an excellent place for bikers and those using car rental to take in so much that is available in the area. We recommend a multi-night stay to be able to see at least a modest amount of the natural beauty and participate in the many adventures in the area. And be sure to take the zip line a time or two. Not only is it thrilling, it also gives a unique vantage point to see the canyon.

To fuel up before the nature and fun-filled days as well as to recover, organic ingredients are available for guests to harvest and cook with when in season. Better yet, we recommend letting the family prepare traditional foods for you so you can experience even more of the mountain hospitality and culture of the Montenegrin people.

During harvest season, you can join in with the family to pick the organic apples or harvest the super healthy Siberian blueberries (aronija). There is always something to do and learn for any that are interested in experiencing first-hand the permaculture aspect of mountain life in the mountains of Montenegro.

Features of the Tara Canyon Estate and Zip Line

  • Located in the Tara Canyon with the Đurđevića Tara Bridge easily visible from most vantage points
  • Located on the #1 and #13 scenic roads in Montenegro (P14) (P4)
  • 15 km from the Durmitor National Park massif
  • Tara Canyon Estate offers 5 rooms for rent as well as a separate cabin
    • Tara Canyon Cabin – a one-room cabin for up to 4 people with private bathroom – 50 euros per night
    • Tara River Room – a twin room (1-2 people) with shared bathrooms – 25 euros
    • Durmitor Room – a triple room (1-3) with single beds and shared bathrooms – 35 euros
    • Đurđevića Bridge Room – a triple room (1-3) with single beds and shared bathrooms – 35 euros
    • Black Lake Room – a double room (1-2) with a queen bed and a private bathroom – 30 euros
    • Bobotov Kuk Loft – a loft (up to 5 people) with a private bathroom – 50 euros
  • The Tara Canyon Estate has multiple bathrooms including 2 bathrooms which are shared by guests in 3 rooms and private bathrooms for guests in the Tara Canyon Cabin, the Black Lake Room, and the Bobotov Kuk Loft
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Common kitchen area available
  • Common dining and game area
  • Access to organic garden and orchards
  • Organic, national food meals available
  • Longest zip line (1050 meters) in Montenegro starts above the canyon and ends down under the Đurđevića Bridge with jeep transport back to the estate – book in advance on-line and receive a 20% discount off the standard 25 euro rate
  • White water rafting and fly fishing in the pristine and cold waters of the Tara River
  • Hiking and mountain biking all around
  • Fluent English
  • Part of the meanderbug.com hut to hut network
  • Free wifi for guests
  • Parking available on the property

15 reviews

  1. The zipline is absolutely worth it.

    We had a lovely time here. Great family, rustic but comfortable lodging. The immediate vicinity offers so much jaw dropping beauty and a few nice hikes right by the house. A short drive down to the base of the river is worthwhile for a picnic and I’m sure the rafting is fun, though we didn’t have time. If you’re up for a vigorous morning hike you can walk down to a reconstructed church at the base of the canyon along a beautiful road right by their place. The river has some great swimming holes for a warm day. The water is an incredible blue, like the river soça in Slovenia. The zipline is absolutely worth it, it’s unique in setting, and really just much faster than any I’ve been on in Costa Rica or other places. While it’s only one cable, it’s a blast and a beautiful view. The owner makes INCREDIBLE plumb brandy and if he has enough reserve will both share it while you’re there and send you home with some for a very fair price. We had a lovely time, the wider area also demands exploration with Durmitor national park and some incredible drives and hikes. A great area for a motorcycle or bike tour as well, though you’ll need legs of steel for some of those switchbacks on the roads!!

  2. Зиплайн - восторг!!!

    Совершенно потрясающее по красоте место!!! Очень уютный дом, приветливые и доброжелательные люди, еда просто объедение – сыр, колбаски, хлеб, мёд – всё домашнее, сытное и очень вкусное!
    Зиплайн – восторг!!! летишь быстро, а вокруг зелёный каньон и ярко голубая река внизу – вид завораживающе прекрасный!! Я отлично провела время и надеюсь, что приеду сюда ещё много раз!!

  3. ...everything you want is possible.

    We took a group of high school seniors on a trip. the kids wanted to go to the beach initially, but we went to Montenegro. I am so glad we did, Montenegro was beautiful, The Tara Canyon Estate was a great place for us do an incredibly long zip line, go white water rafting, go to national park and go hiking, look at the beautiful valley and bridge, and hike to the river if we wanted to. Best of all was the atmosphere at the Estate, our kids were able to be together, play games, sit around the campfire, and just enjoy the beauty all around. The guys running the place were super friendly, with the attitude of everything you want is possible. I will recommend our school take next year’s seniors back to the same place.

  4. The zip line and rafting were incredible...

    I went to Montenegro as a part of my senior year trip and what made the trip truly worthwhile, besides the picturesque nature all around, was the attitude and genuine involvement of people from the Tara Canyon Estate. The zip line and rafting were incredible. And, sitting around the campfire every evening as a multiethnic group, talking and sharing experiences was a delight. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested.

  5. Would 100% visit this place again.

    One of the most amazing views and people I’ve come across to, great home made food and wonderful cute three dogs running around making your day that much better. Would 100% visit this place again.

  6. 30-45 seconds of pure speed and adrenaline rush!

    Montenegro is such a beautiful country! Truly a beautiful place to visit. Greatly enjoyed the hospitality and fellowship with the people there. The zip lining was the highlight of the trip. About 30-45 seconds of pure speed and adrenaline rush! Accommodation is comfortable and good for groups. All in all an amaizng place to be.

  7. The Zipline was amazing!

    The Zipline was amazing! Did it multiple times and would do it again any day. Beautiful view. The rafting was also fun.

  8. ...holy guacamole, we loved it!

    I was stuck here with bunch of stupid teenagers for a senior trip. Just to clarify and so I don’t get hate mails from my classmates, I’m one of the stupid teenagers. Anyways, before this whole trip began, our class wanted to go this place I forgot in Spain, but because we lacked the financial support, we were unable to. So, a lot of us had very low expectations when coming here, but holy guacamole, we loved it! I remember going for a jog this one fateful morning and I was taken aback because I think I saw a goat. Like, what. (Back then, I saw a horror movie trailer featuring goats, so I obviously ran away like a little girl, but now I regret it because COME ON, GOATS) Anyways, so yeah, there are A LOT of animals here and they’re super friendly (I also met a very friendly cat and my friend took a picture of me with it 10/10), which leads me to my next topic of friendliness: the people. Our class really loved these two guys who hosted the place, but because I was shy, I didn’t really get to know them that much (they’re really awesome and chill though), so instead, I’m going to talk about our elderly hosts, who provided us with great food because I don’t think they were mentioned yet and they need some spotlight, too. Okay, so at first, I was a bit scared of the grandpa cause he looked like a retired, angry version of Gordon Ramsey, but nope, nope, nope. He turned out to be the sweetest grandpa ever. Not only can he cook, but he is also capable of making you feel like you accomplished something great when he pats your shoulders in a grandpa-y way, you know? Anyways, the bottom line is that the people are amazing and you can feel at home there. The zip line was glorious, especially when the wind is blowing against you, and suddenly, you’re feel like you’re fighting against some kind of a wind spirit (but you know that you’re gonna win cause you’re fat and gravity exists). Or when the wind is blowing behind you, you feel that mini heart attack you get when you accidentally drop that new phone, but that it lasts for like a minute. So yeah, good stuff. The other memorable thing was white water rafting. I remember feeling cold, but that’s just because I tripped into the water before. So yeah, you’d think that if you’re stuck with the people you’d known for 2 years in middle of a mountain, it’ll end up like “The Cabin in the Woods”, when in fact, it was more like Teletubbies. (I watched neither but the cover page says a lot). Honest review: mon(10/10)egro was just awesome. (Quote credits to Bethany K.)

  9. WOW. This is an incredible place.

    MON(10/10)EGRO yes thank you ashley. WOW. This is an incredible place. It is both relaxing and full of crazy adventures every day. The environment was perfect for group bonding, while also offering so many activities so that we were never bored. *HIGHLIGHTS*: Hiking, White Water Rafting, exploring the little town, THE PUPPIES, trying the typical Montenegro food, ZIP-LINING, card games, hanging out with our favorite hosts, THE VIEWSSSS, the great lodging, and just being surrounded by the amazing nature everywhere. So we definitely had an amazing experience and our week couldn’t have gone better. Honestly had no idea what to expect, but I was so pleased with my experience.

  10. Two nights of absolute tranquillity

    Had a wonderful time here. Two nights of absolute tranquillity – apart from the soothing whizz of the zipline. A pristine and beautiful spot, Miladin and his family are lovely hosts – nothing was too much trouble. A high spot was having the meals on our little terrace in an oak grove, with a view over the families organic fruit bushes. Spent the days hiking in Durmitor and swimming at the river beneath the Monastery of Archangel Michael (a 2km hike or 5 min drive from the property). If you are self catering, stock up, as the nearest supermarket at the Gorge doesn’t have a lot of supplies.

  11. Did it all . . . completely within the budget.

    I want to personally thank Meanderbug for helping me plan and arrange my children’s senior class trip. Meanderbug went above and beyond expectations to arrange and coordinate this trip and make it a memorable experience. Arranging the adventure required many phone calls and emails. They were timely in returning my emails, gracious in answering my questions, and experts in meeting the desires and requirements of the trip. I highly recommend using Meanderbug for any school trips. Montenegro offers so much for your money. I can’t imagine getting more for your money!! This class did it all . . . completely within the budget. Tara Canyon Estate, the zip line, rafting, and hiking all make this a perfect location for a class trip. This area of Montenegro is also excellent for eco-tourism and schools that want to focus on getting back to nature. But above all, I recommend using Meanderbug for making all your travel arrangements. My children’s senior trip went off without a hitch. From the monent they arrived in Montenegro, every transfer, meal, and excursions was handled beautifully. Meanderbug enabled me arrange a trip within the school budget while making the most of every possibility Tara Canyon had to offer. Because of their hard and skillful planning, fifteen students from an international school in Czech Republic have memories to last a life time. Thank you Meanderbug.

  12. The location is beyond amazing, the views...stunning.

    Me and my boyfriend came to Tara Canyon State at the end of March. Everything was quite snowy (a bit more than expected) but everything looked so so beautiful. The location is beyond amazing, the views from the house and the area are just stunning.

    The house is quite comfy and rustic (As we went before the main season started we had everything pretty much for ourselves). When we got there after an exhausting trip, our room has been warmed up before our arrival, which we appreciated so much.
    We had some nice Montenegrin dinner and Miladin shared some Plumb brandy with us.
    The two days we were in Tara Canyon State we basically enjoyed being in the area, hiked a bit and breathed tranquility. We helped keeping the fire and going to pick up wood from outside (We are basically city kids so we were looking forward to do this little things and help Miladin).
    We had sour milk and Montenegrin pie made specially for us for breakfast that Miladin picked up from a lady that lives nearby.

    We were not thinking about using the zipline, but after seeing the Canyon we were convinced that it was a great opportunity so we did…! Totally worth it!

    I guess there is so much more to do in the area in the summer, but I equally enjoyed staying here a lot…I would definitely come back.

    I also want to mention Brit, which helped me so much beforehand and shared lots of information via Meanderbug and emails and made everything easier for us!

  13. Do it again!

    Me and my boyfriend stayed here for 1 night and it was a true experience we’ll never forget! We had a nice room with an impressive view on the bridge in the canyon.
    Ever had a morning mood? De zipline is the best way to wake you right up in the morning.
    We both were a little nervous, but we are both so glad we did this!
    No doubt to ever do it again!

  14. We had a wonderful stay!

    We stayed here for 2 nights in august 2018 with three kids (7, 10 and 11). We had a wonderful stay! Very friendly people, good food and a sceneric location near the bridge. The kids love to make a campfire. We had the upper loft and it was nice and cosy.

  15. Super

    We only spent one night at the house but it was super enjoyable, the food was excellent and the scenery was outstanding. We shared breakfast with a couple of other guest from Germany and it was delightful to visit and hear about their lives and share ours. The hostess was very gracious and an excellent cook. After breakfast, we went to the zip line there on the property and spent 45 seconds to a minute flying across the canyon and it was so exhilarating. Would love to do it again sometime. Walked across the bridge and shopped at some of the local vendors’ stalls and enjoyed the view. Would recommend this stay for anyone.

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