Coastal Village Apartments for Adventurers – Montenegro

Amazing views of the Adriatic Sea above Petrovac. Traditional village, contemporary space designed for adventurers.

These coastal village apartments offer spectacular views of the Adriatic sea and a friendly exclusivity. Designed for adventurers, the clean, well-furnished rooms provide the perfect place to rest after a day of physically participating in Montenegro’s wild beauty.

Žukovica village lies above Petrovac on the Montenegrin coastline. The beach is accessible by car in 10 minutes or by hiking 45 minutes down to the water. Also, the Transversal, an old Austrian road which used to provide horse and cart access for the military guarding against sea raiding invaders, lies behind the village. This “road” now provides long hike opportunities with access to places like the Kosmać Fortress or a bit further down to the iconic Sveti Stefan island.

We also encourage guests here to strongly consider going canyoning. If you have gone before, then plan to have another adventure. For adventurers that have never gone canyoning before, well it is probably time to change that. (listing info coming soon)

At the top of the village Lazar and his family tend to their family gardens, vineyards, and animals. As a result, they prepare breakfast and dinner for village guests with advance notice. They specialize in the highly-valued local tradition of cooking meat, vegetables, and even bread on coals under an iron dome–izpod sača.

mother daughter enjoying sunset from coastal village in Montenegro

FEATURES OF THE Coastal Village Apartments for adventurers

  • Zukovica Village sits above Petrovac looking out over the Adriatic
    • 45 minute hike down to the beach
    • 10 minute drive down to the coast
    • 20 minute hike up to the Transversal or old Austrian road that provided continual lookout along the coastline
  • Coastal Village Apartments offers 4 different apartment formats: 2 person with single beds; a double for 2; a 3-person, and a 4-person apartment
  • Minimum booking is 2 nights
  • Located on the #9 scenic road in Montenegro (M2, M1)
  • Each apartment has a bathroom with shower
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Common kitchen area available
  • Common dining and game area
  • Continental breakfast is included
  • Organic, national food dinners available in indoor / outdoor village “restaurant” with coastal views – 20 euros for dinner
  • Hiking all along the coast
  • Launch point for multiple canyoning excursions
  • Fluent French and English
  • Part of the hut to hut network
  • Free wifi for guests
  • Parking available in the village

This video was shot from the private restaurant area at this listing. You can use the bounce lighting technique or you can just take in the view. 😉

2 reviews

  1. My husband and I spent two nights here although not in the same unit as in the photos. We found the place easily, just 10 minutes from Petrovac. Parking is easy. The views are expansive and accommodations comfortable. The people are friendly and helpful and the food excellent!

  2. Highly recommend. Go for it!!

    The apartments were perfect for 3 people. I slept like a rock! The windows have screens so it’s fresh air, AND a fan. We loved Lazar’s cooking – he is a gem. We arranged a set time, and as soon as we sat down, he brought the food and his delicious home grown wine. I highly recommend this place. The views are incredible, and we loved that we could add-on activities with our personable host, Rado. It was such a personalized, culture-rich experience that we’d replicate in a heartbeat. Go for it!!

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