Win a FREE TRIP 2020 – Katun Road Hut to Hut in Montenegro

We want to start off spring 2020 with something unique so we decided to give away a free guided backpacking trip for 2 to the unexplored and unspoiled highlands of Montenegro.

About The Katun Road

The Katun Road is a stunning multi-day hiking/biking adventure through the northeastern mountains of Montenegro. Along the Katun Road, authentic katun life can be seen, at places like Mokri Do, Cakor, Kaludarske Kape, and other places along the way. Backpackers will be staying at some of these katuns and getting to experience local culture and cuisine. Check these links out for more info about the Katun Road places and routes as well as a hiker’s adventure narrative.

As an innovative leader in rural and sustainable tourism in Montenegro, Meanderbug has been working in the villages and up in the katuns with locals since 2016. Helping families maintain their way of life while enabling them to benefit financially as they host travelers has been a passion for our team. A nonprofit partner invited us to explore The Katun Road a couple of years ago. We were fascinated from the start. We loved so many things about this place: the amazing mountain setting and solitude that comes with it; the old-fashioned way of life in the land of shepherds and cheese; seeing new entrepreneurs beginning to succeed; the organic foods that cover the tables; bigger-than-life Montenegrin hospitality; and so much more. These themes and others may inspire you.
To learn more about Meanderbug, check out our blog post Who Should Book a Vacation in Montenegro via Meanderbug.

You can see our backpacking checklist to see more on what to pack for this slackpacking adventure and why. 

How to Win this Adventure

  1. Identify your reason. What excites you about this type of adventure?
  2. Tell your story. Share what excites you in some creative way on one of the targeted social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or YouTube.
  3. Hashtag your story. Tag @meanderbug and include these hashtags: #katunroad #hut2hut #crazygoodtravel.
  4. Share it with the world. Post it and encourage your network to engage with your post.
  5. Fill in the details. Complete the TypeForm below to help us find your post(s).

Free Hut to Hut Adventure Competition Details

We want to encourage you to share your creativity with us as well as your friends and followers on social media. Simply tell us a story through photo, text or video that makes a case for this type of responsible travel and/or why you and your friend should win the trip. Use these hashtags with each entry: #hut2hut, #katunroad, and #crazygoodtravel. Also, please tag @meanderbug so we can follow along in your excitement.

One person can send a maximum of 5 entries per social media channel: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Deadline for submitting entries is November 1st, 11pm CEST.

The top 10 entries from each eligible social media channel will qualify for the final round of judging based on respective engagement. Winners will then be determined by the Meanderbug team based on creativity and the storytelling aspect of their entry. The following prizes will be awarded:

  1. Hut to Hut Prize – the all-expenses-paid (excluding airfare) 4-day hut to hut adventure (terms and conditions covered below)
  2. Big Adventure – three competitors will win an individualized trip planning consultation  and 10% off their 2020 Meanderbug hut to hut adventure and a Meanderbug adventure shirt (printing soon)
  3. Little Adventure – three competitors will win a hut to hut consultation and 5% off their 2020 Meanderbug hut to hut adventure and a Meanderbug adventure shirt (printing soon)

Prizes are redeemable in 2020 in-person in Podgorica, Montenegro. If the Hut to Hut Prize winner is not able to participate, then the prize will transfer to the top Big Adventure finisher. 

Costs that are covered:

  • Transfer from Podgorica to the starting point of  the hut to hut adventure 
  • Transfer from the endpoint of the hut to hut back to the capital city
  • Accommodation along the Katun Road (exact route TBD based on the level of hiking/biking experience and physical condition of the winner of the competition)
  • Meals during the Katun Road hut to hut (breakfast, sack lunch, dinner)
  • Guided adventure along the way (throughout the hiking or biking adventure)
  • MTB rentals during the adventure, in case the winners decide to bike the Katun Road

Costs that are not covered:

  • Flights to and from Montenegro
  • Additional nights if the winner chooses to stay a while longer than the planned adventure

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • Winning participants must be of legal age (18) or older in March 2020.
  • The Hut to Hut Prize details:
    • Dates for fulfillment – valid for adventure dates from June 18 through August 1 of 2020 unless special arrangements are made. 
    • Covered expenses for the Hut to Hut Prize – Meanderbug commits to cover the following expenses: accommodation along the Katun Road for the duration of 4 days; three meals per person per day during the adventure; transfer to and from Podgorica to the hut to hut adventure; an additional night of lodging in Podgorica after the adventure
    • Number of participants – one Hut to Hut Prize winner will be declared which will allow for two participants on The Katun Road Hut to Hut adventure. The winner may elect to take up to two more people at a cost of 280 euros per additional person for the hiking adventure and 440 euros for each additional person for the MTB  adventure. Additional costs are to be covered in advance.
  • The Big Adventure details:
    • Dates for fulfillment – calendar year of 2020
    • Covered expenses – cost of the trip planner service, 5% off of all Meanderbug bookings for the duration of one trip in Montenegro and the surrounding area that we serve including Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania; and one adventure t-shirt
  • The Small Adventure details:
    • Dates for fulfillment – calendar year of 2020
    • Covered expenses – cost of the hut to hut consultation and one adventure t-shirt
  • All participants cover their travel expenses to and from Montenegro.
  • All participants are to cover their own travel insurance. 
  • Prizes are not transferable.
  • If participants cause damage to properties, they agree to pay for the damage they cause.
  • Using any kind of illegal substances during the trip will not be tolerated and would be grounds for termination of the adventure.
  • Meanderbug will have the right to use social media entries for current and future marketing of The Katun Road Hut to Hut adventures. 
  • Meanderbug has the right to use pictures and video of the adventure and a post-adventure interview of marketing of The Katun Road Hut to Hut adventures. 
  • Meanderbug may modify the terms and conditions moving forward as needed for clarity, improved experience, or any other reason.

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  1. Jami Mullikin

    Hi Brit and Astrid! My fiancé and I are very interested in entering the competition. We just got engaged a week ago and this would be an awesome way to spend our honeymoon. 🙂 Do I submit my entries directly on social media or to you first? Hello again from Oklahoma!

    1. Hi Jami. Thanks for writing! We have clarified some things on the post to make this clearer. Make your posts online and then fill out the form on this page to include your info.
      THANKS and Good Luck!

  2. Andjela


    1. Deadline for submitting entries is November 1st, 11pm CEST.

  3. Niamh Donnellon

    I would love to win the prize as I have a deep love for hiking with my family this would be the perfect gift for myself and them thank you so much look forward to hearing the good news.

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