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Like you, we are deeply saddened by recent global developments with the COVID-19 virus and encourage full compliance with mitigation efforts through social distancing and stay at home efforts. We salute the brave, compassionate health care workers that are risking so much to care for others.

Giving & Impact Update

On April 1, 2020, we posted information and an opportunity for people to give to impact lives. This link includes an overview of the process we are continuing to work through to identify key needs and step in to assist there.

As of April 22:

  • 34 contributions have been made for a total amount of 1524 euros from multiple countries including Australia, Montenegro, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S.
  • 142.54 euros have been used to purchase groceries with additional homegrown produce added for 3 families in Northern Montenegro.
  • 200 euros have been used for groceries for 4 families in Podgorica.
  • 300 euros have been distributed to refugee and Roma community near Podgorica
  • 300 euros have been contributed to an organic local effort in Podgorica through Heroes of the Community.
  • 200 euros have been contributed to an organic local effort in Northern Montenegro.
  • Our team is working on additional projects now to help advance relief efforts in Montenegro.

Update (7th of April, 10am):
1250 € raised from 29 contributors from all around the world!

Update (4th of April, 7.20pm):
790€ raised from 16 contributors!

‘A Piece of Home’ Concert

Meanderbug is hosting a concert with some of our team. Hannah Boone, a student in genetics and bio-engineering at the International Burch University in Sarajevo, has been our researcher on biodiversity. She is in process of running lab analysis on select Montenegrin flora for future publication on its effectiveness at fighting disease and working with a team on a paper for pending publication on strengthening the immune system to aid in fighting the COVID-19 virus. But on April 4, Hannah, along with assists from her mom and sister, will be sharing her love for music in an effort to raise funds to help those in need.

We invite you to join us for the A Piece of Home concert on Facebook Live.

Neighbors in Montenegro - Durmitor National Park


  1. Jami Mullikin

    Hi Brit and Astrid! My fiancé and I are very interested in entering the competition. We just got engaged a week ago and this would be an awesome way to spend our honeymoon. 🙂 Do I submit my entries directly on social media or to you first? Hello again from Oklahoma!

    1. Hi Jami. Thanks for writing! We have clarified some things on the post to make this clearer. Make your posts online and then fill out the form on this page to include your info.
      THANKS and Good Luck!

    1. Deadline for submitting entries is November 1st, 11pm CEST.

  2. Niamh Donnellon

    I would love to win the prize as I have a deep love for hiking with my family this would be the perfect gift for myself and them thank you so much look forward to hearing the good news.

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