Advancing Community – Fundraising for Needs in Montenegro

Helping others during the COVID-19 Crisis

Healthy communities create an engaging story. When times are good, they bring opportunities for all residents. When times are tough, they work together and bless each other. Community is a place for joyful celebration and shared grief.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the needs and grief are growing in Montenegro and beyond. We invite people to participate in the community of Montenegro by making a difference in the lives of those that are struggling the most during these difficult days.

Holding on in a Montenegrin village

Helping Others

We value people and community. As innovators in sustainable travel in Montenegro, we see and work with people across the country. We have good friends and partners across the country. While our long-term goal is to help establish a series of viable entrepreneurships through responsible travel, our driver is to be a good neighbor. To do this now, we are stepping out to help meet some of the humanitarian needs in Montenegro.

To identify immediate needs we are working with our network of partners, friends, other companies, NGOs, and government contacts to learn a few things. During this needs identification process we have been checking on refugee communities, northern rural populations, and urban residents.

We have been identifying human needs, verifying what is already happening, and clarifying where assistance is needed. Some of these remaining needs we let others know about and see movement. The remaining needs are where we can assist directly. That’s where we’ll help as long as needed. To stay current on what we are doing, check our news page. We’ll be providing updates on funds received/spent and areas where we are working as things develop.

Giving to Others

We invite you to join us in helping others. While we are on the ground, connected, and engaging, we need your help to financially be able to move things forward. You can give financially via:

  • Credit card – make a contribution on this page 10 euro increments – this is the fastest way to join in financially
  • PayPal – make a contribution through a US-based PayPal account – we’ll have funds here for use within a few days
  • Bank transfer – this can be arranged for a wire transfer (contact us) or for locals to give a direct bank deposit (local bank payments allow us to put 100% of contributions to doing good)
  • Non-profit contribution – for those that want tax deductible documentation through a 501(c)(3), contact us direct

NOTE: ALL funds donated after credit card or repatriation fees (approx. 4%) will go directly to helping neighbors in need in Montenegro.

Besides allowing for personal contributions, we are working on grants through our non-profit side as well as discounts and matching grants from local businesses. We are committed to making a difference and leveraging people’s donation to help others with maximum impact.

A Piece of Home Benefit Concert

We are hosting A Piece of Home benefit concert on Saturday, April 4 at 7:00 PM GMT+2. This will be hosted on Facebook live and later uploaded at a higher video/audio quality to our website. This will be a calm time of sharing music and story from Montenegro so people can know how they can participate in helping others in Montenegro.

Piece of Home Concert - fundraiser for Montenegro during COVID-19 crisis



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