Outdoor Cooking in the Wild Beauty of Montenegro

Take a few simple cooking tools, some organic ingredients and chef know-how and you have something good. Put that in the context of a gorgeous landscape and you have something unique. Something really special. You have Outdoor Cooking in the wild beauty of Montenegro.

Outdoor cooking in the wild

Daniel and Al, two new friends of Meanderbug, are putting together a series of videos with Daniel’s videography skills and Al’s culinary chops. Working together, these guys are really creating some beautiful videos. You can enjoy the amazing scenery and think about your future #crazygoodtravels. On the other hand you can be inspired with a recipe idea for dinner tonight.

While we like them all, the one above at Durmitor is really classic. Another one that has great visual contrasts is their Beef Tacos made on the coast.

While we like all of their videos, the one above at Durmitor has a really classic feel. Another one that has great visual contrasts is their Beef Tacos made on the coast.

Their most technically challenging for filming has to be making sea bass ceviche on a boat off the coast of Perast.

Also, we recommend that you catch their Miso Ramen on a farm in Lipovo Village. We have several good farm stay and even camping options in this village and nearby. This gives an idea of the feel on some of the farms for a slower pace of life. It is also a great place to reconnect with a homemade tradition and the rhythms and ways of those that work the land with their hands.

We suggest you check out all of their videos. And be sure to subscribe to Out in the Open‘s YouTube channel to catch their upcoming dishes. Especially since we are planning to partner in some of their upcoming pieces.

Outdoor cooking in Lipovo Village in MontenegroDaniel and Al please keep cooking and shooting. We look forward to seeing what’s ahead both for the scenery and the food.

Cooking in the wild - a video series set in the nature of Montenegro


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