Now We Are Free Gladiator Video – 2CELLOS Plays Croatia and Montenegro

2CELLOS’ Now We are Free Gladiator video combines the best of their craft and storytelling with scenery from some lesser known parts of the Balkans. The Croatian artists and Balkan filmmakers present a compelling story in this powerful six-plus minute piece. But they also introduce a global audience to places that are as epic as the music and the Gladiator story.

2CELLOS in Croatia and Montenegro

The story begins with a gladiator battle in the Arena, a Roman amphitheater in Pula, Croatia. This well-preserved arena dates back to the first century. Today, the Arena serves as an ancient venue for large concerts in this northern Croatian coastal destination.

Most of the other-worldly portions of the film are shot in various locations around Croatia’s little neighbor to the south, Montenegro. The Durmitor massif provides the epic landscape for much of the “heavenly” scenes. (See more of Durmitor National Park.) The land changes from spiraling rocky summits to grassy plains. Durmitor is a UNESCO World Heritage site based on its natural beauty. Not only do the glacial lakes and numerous mountain peaks provide other-worldly scenery for this beautiful piece, but also for hikers and explorers throughout the year.

Other shots in the 2CELLOS Now We Are Free Gladiator video are in the area of Šavnik near Durmitor and on the outskirts of Podgorica. Shooting from a couple locations around the capital city, the view looks out from the plain toward the peaks of Moraća. Not bad for a final resting place for the 2CELLOS gladiator.

Now We Are Free Gladiator Video - 2CELLOS - final resting place outside Podgorica, Montenegro

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  1. Deborah Jayne Leal

    Every time I play the two cellos video now we are free that takes place initially in the Arena Pula,
    it brings tears to my eyes. It was so moving and so beautiful and so touching!

    May the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth bless both these talented, super intelligent young man, Amen.

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