Five Reasons to Run the Podgorica Marathon

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, discovering the rugged beauty of Montenegro should be high on your list. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and a runner, the Podgorica Marathon would provide an unforgettable experience for you. Here are five reasons to consider running it:

Podgorica marathon with mountain backdrop

  1. Surrounding mountains – the beautiful mountains of Montenegro provide a stunning backdrop for runners. Everywhere you go there are peaks and ranges as far as the eye can see. Not only are the mountains in the distance, however, they are right there next to several points along the marathon and half marathon routes. It is a perfect setting for competitive and recreational runners alike.
  2. Gracious people – hospitality is one of the best qualities of people in Montenegro. They are friendly and inviting, always ready to talk about their history and culture. It is not uncommon to run into people who will welcome you into their home at a moment’s notice, selflessly sharing  their best wine, cheese, bread, pršut, and anything they have on hand that will make you feel welcome.
  3. Near sea level – adapting to different elevations can be a challenge. One of the advantages to the Podgorica Marathon is that the city is near sea level, making it easier to run and go long distances with the necessary endurance. You may even perform at a higher level and run your best time!
  4. Because you haven’t yet – when was the last time you ran in the Balkans? Have you made it to Montenegro yet? The experience of running in one of the most beautiful places in South Europe has driven runners from several countries to travel here and compete. Your next marathon could be in this amazing place.
  5. Rewarding post-race adventures – the beauty that is Montenegro is worth exploring and enjoying to the fullest. From the mountains in the north, to the coast in the south, and the beautiful nature in between, there are many places to invest your time after the big event. Celebrate your achievement at a cafe that overlooks the coast. Spend some time relaxing at a luxurious spa. Or enjoy some recovery hiking on one of the less strenuous mountain trails. It’s all here.

So, consider a trip to Montenegro for your next big run. Bring your friends. Choose from the variety of courses available: from Marathon and Half Marathon, to the newly added 10k and 5k. The country and its people await. What are you waiting for?

Finishing the Podgorica Marathon

For information regarding the Podgorica Marathon, click here.

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  1. Interesting article, I have long wanted to run races in Montenegro, maybe this year I will be able to visit it

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