The name "Prokletije" literally translates to "accursed" or "damned." But while this national park is certainly wild and untamed, Prokletije National Park remains one of the most beautiful spots in Montenegro, and possibly in the entirety of the Balkans.

The towering peaks of Prokletije National Park are part of the Dinaric Alps, which traverse through Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. The iconic Peaks of the Balkans hike actually has a starting point in Plav, at the base of Prokletije. Additionally, Zla Kolata, Montenegro's tallest peak, crowns the park with its breathtaking yet foreboding presence. The peak towers a stunning 2,534 m above sea level.

Also, Prokletije is officially the most biodiverse location within the most biodiverse country in Europe. 20% of Montenegro's myriad plant species make their home within the park's borders.  Snow-fed springs and rivers create some of the best fly-fishing areas in the country. Fly-fishers can look out for fish species such as grayling, brown trout, and huchen.

An adventure in Prokletije is not for the faint of heart, but travellers willing to brave these "accursed" mountains will find hiking and biking trails chock full of breathtaking views. Fly-fishers can fish at several spots within the park. Locals residing within the park offer spectacular accommodations in the form of farmstays or katuns.

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