Prokletije National Park: Height of Montenegro

Crystal Clear Lake Plav, Montenegro - Ahmet
Where adventure sports and multi-nation tourism collide, Prokletije National Park is a must see. The newest addition in the national park system in Montenegro, Prokletije is located at the southern-most section of the Dinaric Alps. It offers unique opportunities for outdoor recreation and mountain adventure in the Northeastern part of the country.  The national park boasts opportunities for every type of adventure vacationer.  Miles of mountain bike trails lend the way for single-track and cross country riding.  These trails wind through villages, farms, and mountains.  If you aren’t already gasping for air as you ride up the mountains, the vistas will surely steal what breath you have left.  Maps for all the trails are found in the visitor information center in Plav. Also, MTB trail info is available.

National Park Prokletije Mountain biking - meanderbug

If dangling by a rope fits your adventure niche, Prokletije hosts opportunities for canyoneering, caving, and climbing.  Some of the canyoneering begins with a waterfall making for an high adrenaline canyoning adventure.

Waterfall National Park Prokletije - Ahmet

For those that want to feel adrenaline with less danger, the streams are ripe for fly-fishing.  All of the waters are either snow or spring fed, creating crystal clear waters.

Riverside hiking Prokletije - meanderbug

Spring fed lake Prokletije - Montenegro

The crown jewel of the park though is the opportunity for back country exploration.  With the robust size of the park and the geographic isolation of the area, the true back country adventurer will be overwhelmed with the opportunity to explore.  Arguably, the most notable hike in the park and area is the “Tour of the Balkans Trail” which traverses through sections of the park. This trail spans three locations (Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania) and exists among the clouds at an elevation up to 2300m.  Taking roughly 10 to 13 days to complete, this is a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list.  The local mountaineering club offers experienced, professional guide services.  During our team’s trip there, the director of the mountaineering club, Ahmet, graciously took us to several of the easy access hot spots due to time and season restraints.

Trekking through Prokletije Gusinje, Montnegro - meanderbug

With our single day trip, we were filled with anticipation of future adventures and dream of  getting back to Prokletije for some trekking.

Touring through National Park Prokletije Montenegro - meanderbug

We want to give a special thanks to Ahmet, who showed us around the park for the day.

Srečan put! (Have a nice trip!)

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