SPARK.ME Participants – 20+ Things to Experience in and Near Budva

You may be headed to the Montenegrin beach for a flood of ideas and networking opportunities or for some down time. So, whether you’re headed in from out of town for the conference or just taking some down time, here are 20 things to experience in Budva. OK, actually its more than 20 and it is in and near Budva, but it is a helpful guide to help you have a great time. This is from new and old local friends of meanderbug.

Food and Fun Enroute to Budva

  1. Plavi Kokot – near Budva you’ll find this new restaurant. Look for the blue sign. Be sure to ask Mišo (Misho) who is the owner for a recommendation. Tell him that Dušica sent you via Meanderbug. Dušica says that this is a good spot for anything Mediterranean and all the assortment of meats. And as an investigative journalist, she should know! Stop by for lunch or dinner. (DV)
  2. Konak – if you can’t make it all the way to Brajiči before without some food, stop by Konak restaurant which is located on the Budva side of the roundabout in Cetinje. Try their ispod sača dishes and the pršut. These roasted and cured meats were, are, and will be a national favorite for generations. Before or after your meal look up toward Mount Lovcen to see the heart of Montenegro. Also, stand in the center of the guvno to experience some strange acoustic effect and experience part of the unique Montenegrin culture.

Places to eat in Budva

There is so much food to enjoy in and around Budva. These are the top recommendations we received from locals.

Old Town Budva

  1. Citadela – located near the church, this location has a great view from the terrace. Our new friend and long-time Budva native shares that this is a great spot for food or to have a drink with a friend. (DV) (see brief bios below on all of the locals giving you their insight)
  2. Casper and Vihor – these spots have the “best music, rakija, people, energy…” (DV)
  3. Konoba Feral (restaurant) – another spot with great food… (DV)
  4. Caffe Greco  and Cafe Jef – they spin the “popular top ten music” here. These are busy night spots. (DV)

Budva Old Town from the water. Montenegro - meanderbug

Food Around Budva

  1. Check out the fast food places along the beach. These are for the budget of a fledgling coder with sandwiches filling enough for the most Balkan of appetites. (VJ)
  2. Porto – while the fast food places are good for the budget friendly, the VCs will enjoy catching a fresh seafood meal on the beach here. The fresh bread and fish pâté are a worthy end in themselves. The catch of the day is simply a culinary bonus.
  3. Parma – this is a good spot for Balkan BBQ. (VJ, MA)
  4. Zeleni Gaj – simply stated, this one gets “top marks.” (VJ, MA)
  5. Hotel Astoria – good food and drinks and a nice spot for a sunset view. (VJ, MA)
  6. Villa Milocer – part of the uber elite Sveti Stefan resort. Make a reservation for eating or having a spa day in this historic villa.
  7. Drina – this is to affordable fare as Villa Milocer is to sophisticated tastes. Good and affordable. (SP)
  8. Tri Ribara – another to the point description – “it was perfect!” (DG)

Dining at Villa Milocer w/ Sveti Stefan in view - meanderbug

Sights & Adventures Beyond Budva

There is so much to see and do in Montenegro–a microcosm of diverse nature. Here are some of the top recommendations:

  1. Kotor Old Town – it is a must see Venetian coastal town surrounded by fjords. 20 minute drive (VJ, MA, NP, SP)
  2. Skadar Lake – this is the most diverse flora spot in the most naturally diverse country in Europe. 40 minute drive (NP)
  3. Durmitor & the Tara Canyon – this mountain massif is a stunning UNESCO treasure. The Tara Canyon is the inverse image of the mountainous terrain. 2.5 hour drive (VJ)
  4. Mount Lovćen – this is the heart of Montenegro with the iconic view of the country. 45 min drive (VJ, MA, NP, SP)
  5. Canyon Nevidio – Nevidio means you can’t see it. You’ll need a guide to go canyoning through here. (VJ)
  6. Ada Bojana – this is at the southern tip of the country where fresh and salt water meets. It is a favorite hangout and spot for wild camping by some startup developers. 1.5 hour drive (SP)
  7. Cetinje – this is the cultural capital of the country. At the foot of Lovcen, this small town has historic sites, museums, a monastery, and walking street. It is a good place to catch the spirit of Montenegro. 30 min drive (SP)
  8. Blue Cave – the sun coming into the cave make this cave look blue on the inside. You can go by ferry, but the Blue Cave kayak experience is simply more better if you have time. Plan a half day.

Looking down on old town Kotor - meanderbug

Thanks to all for their input on things to see and do in and around Budva. Info contributors are:

  • Dušica Vugdelić (DV) – a native of Budva and advocate for the beauty and wonder that her city historically and currently represents.
  • Vuk Ječmenica & Milica Adžić (VJ, MA) – developers, friends, and business partners that are making pitches for their first startup.
  • Nataša Pikula (NP) – finishing her university studies, a budding developer, and an on-going student of all things startup.
  • Vladimir Urdešić, Neno Radončić, Mirsad Hadžalić, & Marko (SP for Super Portal) – a jovial group of benevolent, modern-day pirates who also do development, startups, and other stuff. One of their current startup projects is “Super Portal.”
  • Dragana Grbić (DG) – hails from Novi Sad, where they know a thing or two about food. She is passionate about social networking and fairytales and is a “happy mom and wife.”

20 things to experience in Budva

 What would you add to the list of things to do in and around Budva?

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