kayaking the Blue Cave in Montenegro

Often the most beautiful spots of nature are the ones that are a bit more difficult to access. Carved into the Lustica Peninsula on the coastline of Montenegro, the Blue Cave is one of those spots. This little anomaly of nature is only accessible by water. Inside the cave, the Mediterranean sun glaring through the mouth of the cave is intense. The light picks up the blue hues of the water and reflects them into this Blue Cave. If you submerge below the water with goggles you can see the blues with rays of sunlight shining through even more intensely.

Vibe: It’s quiet except for the occasional tour boat that pulls into the cave. It is a great place to go when you are not in a hurry–at least when your captain isn’t in a hurry–so you can enjoy a leisurely swim

Recommendation: Though there are tour boats that go there, we went the more adventurous way with ocean kayaks, an SUP, and a canoe. Doing so allowed us to explore a lot more of the beauty and mystery than any other way would allow. Our guide, equipment outfitter, and friend took us through a small channel where we carried our boats for just a couple meters as we were able to stand on the jagged rock with the seawater all around us. After being in the cave, a number of people with us jumped 6 or 7 meters from the face of the cliff into the cool Adriatic water.

We also had the opportunity to go into another cave with a much smaller mouth at the entrance. Without the light coming in, this one was pitch black as you went just a little way inside. While there you could hear the bats sounding their radar. It was a fun experience for the more daring.

Notes: Plan for a half-day outing to experience the Blue Cave by kayak. It is usually best to go in the morning because of the intensity of the sun out on the water.

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Kayaking to the Blue Cave in Montenegro - meanderbug

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