Montenegro - the name literally means "Black Mountain," which is an apt summary of this breathtaking country. Almost the entire surface area of the country is covered in striking mountain ranges, soaring to up to 2500 m in height. Adorning its stunning mountains are lush forests and verdant pastures. Glass-like, turquoise rivers meander through the rocky terrain, often carving it into plunging canyons and gorges. Glacial lakes that have been around since the Ice Age reflect the mountains and sky in perfect mirrors.

The country of the black mountains is simultaneously the smallest and most biodiverse country in Europe. With 10 distinct sub-climates within a space of only 13,200 square kilometers, Montenegro showcases absolutely breathtaking flora and fauna, with hundreds of rare and endemic species adding their richness to its biome. Montenegro's unique ecosystem is so highly valued that five national parks, all unique and beyond breathtaking, have been set up in order to protect these diverse yet vulnerable natural environments. Quite often, Montenegro feels like it belongs to another world, and many locations have legends whispered about them that tell of fairies, monsters, and other magical creatures.

And on top of all the natural beauty, the wild spaces of Montenegro are often home to some of the most hospitable people you can ever have the pleasure of meeting, who greet adventurers and travellers with open hearts. If staying at rustic villages and mountain huts, or katuns, your hosts are sure to seat you at a table laden with iconic national dishes, including pršut, smoked pork, similar to prosciutto; kačamak, a hearty porridge favoured by villagers to keep them full through long days of working; and priganice, fried bits of dough, similar to donuts, served with honey or kajmak, another national delicacy similar to clotted cream. Montenegro is indeed a hidden treasure. We invite you come discover its secrets.

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