Montenegro: The New Ski Paradise

It will soon be upon us once again… a new season, winter.  The familiar marks of winter are growing more visible with each day.  Trees in our part of the world have lost all of their leaves, the days have grown short, and the cold is beginning to encroach.  Even glimpses of snow are seen on the surrounding mountain tops.  The familiar aroma of wood burning stoves fills the crisp air as well, taking us back to a simpler time.

For many of us, winter is a very nostalgic season.  It brings back memories of the past year’s holidays and winter time adventures.  And for those of us that prefer to carve a wicked line in fresh powder or tour cross country through glades or climb steep descents on snowshoes, winter time is our time.  It is our time to take a vacation and enjoy a simpler, colder side of life.

As you start to plan your winter time adventures, consider visiting Montenegro.  One of the newest ski destinations in Europe, a person can truly choose their own adventure here.  Montenegro has three different downhill ski areas, giving skiers all the speed-induced thrills of small resorts.  We believe, though, Montenegro will go down in winter adventure history for its backcountry skiing potential.

We at Meanderbug are working now to open new hut to hut ski opportunities in Montenegro. Good stuff is constantly in development.  A few pioneers are already coming from all over the world to experience the once in a lifetime ski offerings here.  So come join us, be among the first wave to shred some wicked pow.

Here are a few pictures as proof.  A special thanks to Željko Pejović and Jelena Krivčević.

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