Family Camping in Montenegro

Camping in tents near the beach in Montenegro

Fall in Montenegro brings cooler days and crisp nights. In the north, the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall in the  mountains. The landscape is beautiful. On the coast, the sea water becomes too chilly to swim in, but the beauty of the ocean, the sunsets and sunrises remain. Our family and some good friends took advantage of the season and went camping on the coast, just south of Ulcinj. We arrived at our site after dark and could only hear the waves crashing nearby.  After setting up camp, we roasted the traditional hot dogs and marshmallows. Camping and s’mores just go hand in hand!

Beach and ocean view from a campsite on Veliki Plaža

The next morning we all woke up to an amazing view of the beach. Our campsite was on a grassy area, but right in front of us was sand and ocean. It was the perfect spot. We spent the day relaxing, walking along the beach, fishing, and even played a game of ultimate frisbee. Meal prep was fun, as we had planned out all our meals and brought the necessary ingredients. Any meal cooked over open fire is just fantastic. 🙂

Cooking out while camping

There are several places along the Velika Plaža (Long Beach) in Ulcinj that provide sites for RV’s, tent camping, and cabins for rent. Some of these places are seasonal, while others are open year-round. These places provide bathroom facilities as well as hot water. Family camping in Montenegro is not limited to the coast, however. There are many places where families can camp during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. We do not recommend camping in the winter, though. It gets very cold!

Camping has always been a family favorite. It enables our family to get away from daily life, work together as little crises come up, and do life in a simple manner for a couple of days. On top of all that, the thrill of being in nature, enjoying the sound of waves under the big, black sky full of stars is beyond compare. For this time of year, this was the perfect adventure for us. And when the weather gets warmer, we look forward to our family camping in the mountains.

So if you plan a trip to Montenegro consider family camping. Bring your friends too. It will be an experience all of you will never forget. When is your next family camping trip?

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