Despite its small size of only a little more than 13,000 km^2, the country of Montenegro is a treasure trove bursting with natural wonders and breathtaking sights, which you can fully immerse yourself in on any of the myriad hiking trails calling out to adventurers like you. Montenegro boasts a variety of marked hiking trails, including single-track trails as well as fire roads. These can range from easy, which are perfect for novice and younger hikers, to intermediate, which provide rigorous hiking experiences to those looking to test their limits tad more. And of course, advanced hiking trails call out to any who know their skill and are confident they can conquer almost any mountain, while taking in some jaw-dropping views along the way.

Hikes can be embarked on during all seasons, and many different type of trail lengths are available. Hikers can set off on short several-hour hikes that showcase amazing views at spots like Black Lake or Biogradska Gora Jezero. But Montenegro also boasts multi-day hikes that can take you deep into nature. Whatever your skill level, Montenegro has a hiking trail with your name on it.

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