Kayaking Lake Skadar: A Tranquil Adventure

On arguably one of the most beautiful days of the summer, we headed out for kayaking Lake Skadar with Ben from Undiscovered Montenegro. He and his wife have been leading tours here over the last few years, and their knowledge of the lake resembles that of a local raised in the area.

Lake Skadar is situated between Albania and Montenegro, two-thirds located in Montenegro. The rivers Bojana and Crnojeviča flow into it and help the lake filter into the Adriatic. The constant flow leaves the lake with pristine, fresh water that refreshes on a hot day.Kayaking Skadar Lake w/ Undiscovered Montenegro - meanderbugWe pushed off from a little Montenegrin village, Murici. We paddled about 8 kilometers out with a roundtrip of 16 kilometers. The excursion consisted of lunch at an abandoned fishing site, visiting two island monasteries, and random swimming spots for a bit of refreshment. Throw in some excellent conversations during the journey, and all the ingredients for the perfect tour were complete.lakeskadar-montenegro-meanderbugAfter paddling out for a bit, we pulled into a little cove for lunch at an abandoned fishing village. The cove provided the perfect spot not only for lunch, but also for a quick, refreshing dip to cool off.skadarlake-meanderbug The view from the cove where we had lunch.
island-monastery-meanderbugAfter lunch, we pulled up to one of two island monasteries located on the lake. This first one housed a monk. He keeps to himself but does not mind visitors stopping by for a tour.monastery-skadarlake-meanderbugThere is an excellent view of the monastery from the top of the hill. It was an excellent view of the lake as well as the surrounding landscape.monastery-montenegro-meanderbugWhen coming around the bend toward the second monastery, Ben told me to get my camera ready. When I saw this appear through the view finder, the view did not disappoint. This was actually run by nuns who were friendly and welcoming. They offered drinks and a quick snack to refresh us on our journey.Skadar Lake-Montenegro-MeanderbugKayaking Lake Skadar was a release for the soul. There is something powerful about peaceful nature, a bit of effort, and good company along the way that renews and invigorates.

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