Veliki Restoran – fusion of foods and stories

Veliki Restoran or the Veliki Cafe and Restaurant was established in 1801. This 200-plus year-old corner building in the historic heart of Novi Sad has the oldest cornerstone in the city. Though the building underwent a cosmetic rework in 1998, it retained its external features and is protected by the Institute for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Novi Sad.

Vibe: Veliki Restoran has a comfortable feel that is nice enough for an informal romantic get-away but lively enough to enjoy with family and friends. It’s traditional look with modern touches are the management’s goal. They are not only fusing foods, but also the past with the present.

Pork chops with apples and cream at Veliki - meanderbug

Recommendation: Our primary recommendation would be Veliki Restoran. All of it. Everything.

Veliki was recommended to us by the locals as the best place for a good yet casual meal. For the specifics, our friends recommended the pork chops with an apple cream sauce, pork with tomato sauce, and the turkey with a cherry sauce. Tough decisions. Alone, I didn’t take them all on but resolved to give the pork chops a go. One-word review of that experience is: Yes! Served on a wooden cutting board with three pork chops covered with heavy cream and apples, roasted garlic potatoes, and a row of fried onion rings, the whole dish was great. The sauce had a hint of sweet with the apples and my friend had suggested I have them kick the spice up a bit for fun. They obliged, I scraped the cutting board clean. BTW-this cutting board of goodness was so appealing that another diner asked what I was eating and if I would recommend it. This dish is forming new friendships already. (smile)

The fresh-baked breads were also great especially the wheat.

For dessert I was going to try the storied Sacher Cake, but was graciously recommended the Hungarian sweet Somloi Galuska. It’s chocolate and yellow cake layers with walnut pieces and a few raisins briefly soaked in milk and decorated with sweet whipped cream. Yes again.

Somloi Galuska - a Hungarian dessert - meanderbug

Notes: Vojvodina, an autonomous region of Serbia which includes Novi Sad, has a unique history and feel. The area has influences from Austria, Hungary, and of course Serbia. Veliki Restoran fused all of these stories and flavors into their story and foods. It is a great place to begin the exploration of the area or to just enjoy good food with friends.

We would also like to recognize Veliki for their attempt to go eco-friendly. They have redone their lighting to have total light power usage at less than 240 watts. This 200 year history is the beginning for them I am confident as they continue to offer a great place, great food, and always improving stories. Good job guys! I will be back.

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