Agape House and Community Garden – Montenegro

A quaint eco house farm stay, organic garden, and lovely hosts near Podgorica.

A quaint eco-house, organic gardens, and lovely hosts in the outskirts of Podgorica. The Agape House and Community Garden invokes the ongoing hopes of the owners, Alex and Kristina, as well as offers a critique of society on a number of levels. Their hopes and dreams fit squarely within the realm of fresh, organic produce and vibrant, healthy community. Dreamers, doers, philosophers, storytellers, free spirits, and recovering type A’s will all find something special here.

The Agape Home is a simple, quaint two-story structure with an open living area on the bottom floor and the open space above for bedding. Previous residents have left their mark where they have crafted something that is now a part of the home making this little abode a coming together of nations. The sleeping area upstairs has 3 single beds with a fourth slightly removed in a mini loft.

While there is a greenhouse, several gardens, goats, and a place designated for permaculture gardening, it is the largest garden in front of the house that embodies what Alex and Kristina are all about. This is the community garden area. This is where kids and adults alike come to work together, to learn, and to share life. In the dirt and later around the table, the community and guests have the opportunity to enjoy life samo polako–take life slowly.

The Agape House and community garden are in the Mareza district which is on the outskirts of the capital city. For those that want to enjoy a community-oriented, ecologically friendly setting but still have access to the capital city, this is the ideal place. Besides gardening, prepping organic foods, and long conversations, there are hiking opportunities in the area including an ancient fortress. This also is a good place to make homebase to venture out to other spots along the coast to the south and the mountains to the north.

Camping on the property is also available.

Features of the Agape House and Community Garden

  • Mareza lies about 4 km northwest of the center of Podgorica
  • Living area on the first floor
  • Four single beds on the upper floor
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Small kitchen with bar
  • Outdoor common dining and game area
  • Participatory gardening and help with goats on the farm stay
  • Access to organic produce and foraging in season
  • Community meals prepared often
  • Hiking in the nearby area with many hiking options nearby
  • Accessible by public transport or by taxi
  • Taxis from the city are several euros and from or to the airport are usually 8 euros
  • Access to a couple bikes for store runs
  • Fluent English
  • Free wifi for guests
  • Parking available in the area

7 reviews

  1. Podgorica budget travel with hospitality beyond belief!

    The hospitality that Aleks and Christina show is beyond belief. They treat you as if you were a king or queen. They have made their guest house incredibly well with an amazing living room area, an impeccable kitchen arraignment for you anyone to use on their own time, and the upstairs loft where you sleep is beautifully made. The food that they treat you with is all organic as well as the juice they have made as well. The juice is incredible and easy to make too. The food they prepare is fantastic and will appeal to picky eaters as well as people who eat everything. They entire culture around this house is interesting yet as you learn about it, all you want to do is learn more. Permaculture has become a significant factor in how Aleks and Christina live and work and what they believe. Seeing all the visions they have give you hope for the Agape house and all that they have planned.

    Also available at the Agape House is this beautiful hike up to an old Turkish fortress. The hike is somewhat difficult, but totally worth it. You can see all around Montenegro from the top of the fortress. It makes for excellent pictures. The hike up is nothing too difficult, and the hike down isn’t either. All in all the Turkish Fortress is totally worth the hike and the view is breathtaking.

  2. Agape House in reality. Lovely place & people.

    5/5 Stay!
    Aleks and Kristina’s guest house met all my expectations and then some. The house is a clean environment with plenty of room for up to 4 people. The housing was unique to bring a quality of comfort of the outdoors inside, and the attic area was a pleasant sleep which also had a nice breeze through the open window at night.
    Agape House is a perfect name for this house for agape means the highest form of love, and the love and hospitality we received for Aleks and Kristina made me feel at home away from home.
    Aleks and Kristina have a lovely home, with a even better environment surrounding them. Aleks was kind enough to give us a hiking tour up to a fortress near his house, and the view from their was astounding. Finally, the best part of their stay is their garden. It is a community garden where anyone can plant in garden for free, and has organic food for people to eat. We spent most of our time here playing, relaxing, and talking.
    Overall, I rate this a 5/5 stay because of how much fun I had here meeting Aleks and Kristina, the beautiful home, and the beautiful scenery.

  3. Spirit. Vision. Learning community.

    I was lucky to be hosted by this lovely couple while in Podgorica in March. I loved their spirit and vision! While I was there I could help feeding the goats and bringing them to the meadow. The little ones were so cute:) Kristina learned me how to use dandelion in various ways. It was a great experience. The property is beautifully located. They were still building the guest house at the time, but it already looked amazing back then! I really want to go back for a longer time. Wishing you all the best there!

  4. A cool alternative to staying in summer-hot Podgorica!

    My girlfriend and I spent a couple of days in this lovely guesthouse. It’s a really nice self made place. The garden in front of the house is great to relax and if you want you can allways help in the community garden. We spent a lot time with the extremely cute puppies they had there at the time we were there. But even when there are no puppies around you have enough cats to cuddle with if you want. The house is just a 4-5€ taxi drive from the main bus station away. It is a cool alternative to staying in summer-hot Podgorica! We made a trip to an old fort on top of the hill where the house is located, from where you have a awesom view above Podgorica and the surrounding Natur. But the best part of Agape House is the hospitality from Kristina and Aleks! I’m really happy we met those two and we have already fixed plans to come back.

  5. A home away from homes, we will be back.

    Kristina and Alex are such a beautiful couple and have such a beautiful space in the country. We extended our stay several times, they were so accommodating and made us feel like family. There’s a lovely garden area where we shared many beers and meals. super easy to get to town by bus, also cheap and easy by taxi. A home away from homes, we will be back. Thank you for everything!!!

  6. Authentic Travel Experience

    My time with Aleks and Kristina was amazing. Their house was well kept and cosy. They were excellent hosts and went out of their way to make me feel at home. Additionally there was an amazing hike to a fortress through their backyard. I would recommend this place for anyone wanting an authentic travel experience.

  7. Cute and comfortable. Interesting hosts.

    We spent our last night of a 2 week stay in Montenegro at Agape House and wished we had more time to enjoy Aleks and Kristina’s unique home and kind hospitality. This is a self catering accommodation but it is well equipped to prepare your own meals. Really cute and comfortable room and interesting engaged hosts. Just outside Podgorica and taxi to the airport cost 7 euros. Would highly recommend Agape House for a unique and quiet stay outside the city.

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