Eco Community Garden Camping – Montenegro

Camping and community gardening near Podgorica–the capital city

Eco community garden camping lies on the outskirts of Podgorica. The owners, Alex and Kristina, live in the village of Mareza. They invite groups, clubs, and friends to come and participate in a community gardening effort where they celebrate nature, organic food, and community. Their gracious, low-key approach to life resonates with international campers. This is a great place to make new friends and connect with other travelers to explore Montenegro and the greater Balkan area.

The farm has a greenhouse, several gardens, goats, and a place designated for permaculture gardening. But it is the largest garden on the farm that embodies what Alex and Kristina are all about. This is the community garden area. This is where kids, adults, and campers alike come to work together. Here they learn, teach and share life. In the dirt and later around the table, the community and guests have the opportunity to enjoy life the Montenegrin way which happens at a slow pace or samo polako.

The ecological community garden camping, as well as the corresponding Agape House, are in the Mareza district which is on the outskirts of the capital city. For those that want to enjoy a community-oriented, ecologically friendly setting but still have access to the capital city, this is the ideal place. Besides gardening, prepping organic foods, and long conversations, there are hiking opportunities in the area including an ancient fortress. This also is a good place to make home base to venture out to other spots along the coast to the south and the mountains to the north.

FEATURES OF THE Eco Community Garden Camping near Podgorica

  • Mareza lies about 4 km northwest of the center of Podgorica
  • The designated camping area lies next to the community garden and can easily accomodate 30 people – 5 euros per person per night
  • Tents are available for rental – 1 euro per person per night
  • Shared bathroom and outdoor shower during summer months
  • Outdoor common dining and game area
  • Participatory gardening and help with goats on the farm stay
  • Access to organic produce and foraging in season
  • Community meals prepared often
  • Hiking in the nearby area with many hiking options nearby
  • Accessible by public transport or by taxi
  • Taxis from the city are several euros and from or to the airport are usually 8 euros
  • Access to a couple bikes for store runs
  • Fluent English
  • Free wifi for guests
  • Parking available in the area

11 reviews

  1. Yes for camping near Podgorica

    Had a great time camping out! I recommend it for everyone!

  2. Great people & stargazing

    This was a very enjoyable camping experience. Aleks and Kristina had high quality tents which kept us warm, and supplied us with a comfortable foam mat to lay on. The view of the stars from here was beyond what I see back in my big city town. I rate the a 5/5!

  3. One of the best places I've stayed.

    One of the best places I’ve stayed. Kristina and Alex’s project is inspiring, and they are wonderful people. This place is much more than a farmstay, it is an ethos and a growing community. 10 thumbs up.

  4. I cannot recommend the place enough.

    We camped at kristina and aleks property for 3 days. The surrounding is peaceful and relaxing, perfect to get out of the city or away from the busy seaside! I imagine it to be quite nice with children, as they can run arround and discover the community garden and play with the cats, dogs and goats. There is also an old Turkish fortress up the hill over looking Podgorica, which you will reach after a short hike.
    We brought our own equipment, but they can provide you with tent, mats and sleeping bags as well.
    Aleks and Kristinas warm hospitality made us feel like staying with old friends and I cannot recommend that place enough.

  5. Thank you very much for your smile!!

    Thank you very much for your smile!! It was a perfect stay during our travel. We are proud to know you and your gardeners. See you next time !!

  6. The atmosphere full of animals and gardeners is very pleasant and friendly.

    I really enjoyed my stay in the Eco Community Garden campsite of Alex and Kristina. I spent three nights in the garden on the shades of fruit trees, next to the fields full of vegetables. The atmosphere full of animals and gardeners is very pleasant and friendly. Thanks to Alex and Kristina’s hospitaliy, I was feeling very comfortable and the services were perfect. The garden is very cute and allows to stay fresh during warm period ! Thank you !!

  7. Alex and Kristina...we miss you!!!!!

    We absolutely loved staying at Eco Community Garden with Alex and Kristina. This is not a usual camping site but its more like a home. We felt as if we really stayed in the village, being close to nature and to real people who care about their cause – not easy to find in the today’s urban lifestyle. Alex and Kristina were very welcoming and showed us the surroundings where they hang out themselves such as the river Zeta or a local place with a wonderful food. One day we screened a documentary and the morning before we left the guys treated us with breakfast (yumm!!!), real coffee, fresh goat milk and they even packed us some watermelon for the go! Alex and Kristina – if you read it, we miss you!!!!!

  8. An authentic, semi-rural experience.

    Unfortunately, we only stayed there for one night. But that was enough to experience the warmth and care of Kristian and Aleks… there are truely lovely people! And it is highly recommendable to go there for an authentic, semi-rural experience. Lovely people with a lovely view on life and very humorous too.
    Aleks & Kristina: Thank you so much for a great stay. Hope to see you somewhere in the future. Don’t forget us when you are visiting Denmark 😉
    – Alexander & Amalie

  9. Had a blast!

    Great place and awesome people!
    We ended our 3 months roundtrip in Balkan at Kristina and Alex’s place – and what a great way to end a great trip.
    We stayed there for 5 days and we all enjoyed every minute.
    Our kids had a blast at the farm with all the animals and seeing Alex and Kristina’s way of life.
    Alex and Kristina always took time to help us and we had great talks with you guys. It’s very inspiring to see and learn about the projects and their visions for the local area as well as for Montenegro…
    We can only give this place our best recommendations. Great place and awesome people.
    Good luck with your project and the Quercus Robur:-)
    The Danish family – Emil, Ea, Laurids, Tanja and Karsten

  10. Two of the most inspiring and beautiful people you will meet!

    Wow . . . Alex and Kristina . . . two of the most inspiring and beautiful people you will meet, probably in all of Montenegro, but most definitely in your entire life! We stayed with them for just 1 night and day at first, but we had such a beautiful time connecting and conversing with them that we knew that we had to come back towards the end of our trip, which we did for another day and night, and we are so glad we did. Their house and farm/garden projects are both lovely, ecologically ethical, and community based. They are trying, it seems almost singlehandedly, to bring progressive ecological and environmental thinking to Montenegro with their home and projects with schools, children, and the local population. Besides that, they are just some of the kindest, fun, and most generous people you will meet. We loved hearing about their lives and all they are doing, and they are both extremely knowledgeable about the past and current history, sociopolitical and cultural contexts of Montenegro . . . something that is difficult to find and understand. I highly recommend asking them if you’re ready for a knowledge download!

    Ultimately, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to them (and their kitties) and Meanderbug.

    Chris and Denise

  11. Truly special!

    It’s difficult to express my and my families experience of meeting Alex and Kristina, and our stay with them at their community “paradise”. Located on the outskirts of Podgorica, their property is an oasis of broad mindedness, insightful community and eco knowledge sharing, and additionally just a downright warm hearted and genuine welcome!!!!! There are rare moments in life where you meet people who are genuinely open and kind, who wish for the betterment of others, our natural environment and the earth. This is how we found this gorgeous inspiring couple, and my daughters and I found it almost impossible to leave their welcoming space. I can not recommend a stay here enough, either as passing through, or for a base for a longer trip in the Balkans. I for one can not wait to pitch my tent there again. on behalf of myself , Tahlee and Ella, Thankyou Alex snd Kristina. It is no wonder you have recieved so many sincere reviews. You are truly special xxx see you soon

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