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Best way to see Boka Kotorska during a romantic getaway, family travel, or an adventure with friends

One of the most unique settings in Europe, the Bay of Kotor deserves a visit. During the summer season you can “see it” while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, or you can get out on the water for free movement and the best views. Of course, we recommend taking in the sights from the Bay of Kotor private boat tour. With epic views, a 5-star captain, cold drinks, and an onboard bathroom, this excursion is ideal for couples, families, or an outing with friends.

The Island churches in the Bay of Kotor

Pickup can be arranged at different points around the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) with the normal starting point at the dock in front of Old Town Kotor. During your trip you will see Kotor from the water as well as other Venetian coastal towns including Dobrota and Perast. Other highlights include the island churches of St. George and the ever photogenic Our Lady of the Rock.

While there are some key sights the captain will usually steer groups to, there is flexibility to do what best suits guests. Outings to the open sea and the Blue Cave are possible with longer bookings. Another possibility includes ancient artifacts near Risan, the former capital of Illyrium. For adventure lovers, a beach run is possible or jumping off the massive rock near Dobrota. A dolphin escort even happens on occasion.

Rock jumping in the Bay of Kotor happens here

Features of The Bay of Kotor Private Boat Tour

  • Private boat tours in or near the Bay of Kotor
  • Capacity for up to 12 guests including below deck seating
  • 2018 model, 8.1 m x 2.95 m boat dimensions with 100 hp motor
  • Normal cruising speed is a comfortable, conversational 10 knots
  • Pickup / drop-off at nearest dock in the Bay of Kotor area
  • All tours include cold water, juice, or rakija
  • Route customized based on guest preference – standard tour can include coastal towns, cliff jumping, beach visit, town of Perast, and the island churches including Our Lady of the Rock
  • Below deck bathroom

Kotor Bay Private Boating Packages

The standard private tour includes a trip from Kotor past Perast out to the island churches with opportunity to disembark at Our Lady of the Rock. This tour usually lasts 2.5 hours giving guests sufficient time to explore and take things at a relaxed pace. If the client chooses to go swimming and cliff jumping instead of taking the standard route, the captain is agreeable to help make the most of the adventure. This base package and the add-ons are as follows:

  • Kotor Bay private boat tour including visiting Our Lady of the Rock. 15 euros per person
  • Swimming and cliff jumping add-on – an additional hour for swimming in the bay and jumping 7 meters from Seagull Rock near Dobrota. Additional 5 euros per person.
  • History of Kotor Bay add-on – this 5 hour tour boats around to the far side of the bay near Risan. Here you will disembark for a 10 minute walk to see pre-historic cave drawings at Lipci and Roman Mosaics in the former capital of Illyrium. Additional 30 euros per person. (Admission fees are included.)
  • Blue Cave Tour – this 6 hour tour winds through the fjords and then heads out into the open sea. Your tour will go back toward the Lustica Peninsula where you will see the sunlight coming in through the blue waters and lighting the cave in a brillian blue hue. Additional 20 euros per person.

Our Lady of the Rocks during the Bay of Kotor Private Boat Tour

3 reviews

  1. This boat tour is a must...

    This is a must if you are visiting the Bay of Kotor. Absolutely our favorite day…enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous views from our boat with Captain Ivan. Request Ivan if possible; he’s just a great down to earth guy who knows and loves his Montenegro. He showed us around and kept us all, ages 17-75, entertained with stories, drinks and plenty to do and see.

  2. Fantastic boat tour!

    We had a fantastic 3 hour boat trip with Captain Ivan. He was very sweet, did what we wanted for the 3 hours, the boat was safe and very nice. Ivan told us a lot of interesting stuff about Montenegro and the area around Kotor. We can recommend a boat trip with Captain Ivan.

  3. Kotor

    Hello, we are seven French people, when is it possible to ride to Kotor?

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