Wine Tasting in Historic Godinje Village – Montenegro

Wine tasting and a light snack provide a sample of the real Montenegro

In some unique places, time stands still. These portals offer a glimpse back to a previous era and a different world. To have a magical place set in a country of fairytale settings is something special for sure. This is why people want to experience historic Godinje Village. We believe it is best to soak it all in with a local whose family knows the stories and the characters that made the stories. For any time-travelers out there, plan a visit to Misko’s family micro-winery. Try the wines from his vineyard, enjoy a local snack with a fusion flare, and plan to mill around Godinje to experience another world.

While at Misko’s you will observe the patient care and gentle attention given both to the vineyards and guests alike. The family’s Garnet Winery makes red, white, and rose wines. Also, they serve up local pršut and cheese with fresh bread and a delightful olive spread.

We strongly recommend that you take time to look around the village when you visit. This will help guests understand Montenegro better and this unique village which is the only one in the country to be registered as a historical heritage. Ask Misko about the nature path to the church. He and his family are ready to welcome you, but book early because space is limited. Because time travel isn’t available to everybody. 😉

Experience historic Godinje, Montenegro

Features of the Experience Godinje Village Adventure

  • Wine tasting of red, rose, and white wines with light snack – approximately 1 hour
  • Souvenirs available for purchase


2 reviews

  1. Delicious red, white and rose wine and liquids with some matching food in a cosy setting

    The wine-tasting Jovan (Meanderbrug) recommended was great. The road towards Godinje along the Skadar-lake is already worth the trip, the historic city of Godinje is amazing. Some families live there, but it’s largely abandoned but good accessible. This stunning city is better then Stari Bar. Reserve some hours before of after to walk through this magnificant village. The actual wine tasting was perfect, we tasted delicious red, white and rose wine and liquids with some matching food in a cosy setting. We would definitely go back if we’re nearby.

  2. This is the best wine tasting experience in Skadar Lake region that comes with a perfect setting!

    I took my Norwegian family here as they were visiting the area and I knew how big they are on wine.
    First we were served this amazing rose which they liked so much that they decided to purchase a bottle after the wine tasting.
    Next, we had a nice glass of white wine and then came the famous red “Vranac” wine named after the red grapes which are endemic in the region.
    After that we tried Misko’s spirits – famous Montenegrin rakija loza (grappa); then lemon rakija similar to limoncello but it actually tasted better than limoncello; after that came the sour cherry rakija; and we finished off with walnut rakija and all of them were made by Misko and his family.

    Misko is very knowledgable and friendly!

    Overall, this is the best wine tasting experience in Skadar Lake region that comes with a perfect setting!

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