Hiker’s Lukavica Eco Village – Montenegro

Organic food and rest on the plateau to continue the next adventure

Europe’s most biodiverse country boasts of flora and fauna varieties that are unmatched. The same is true of the mountain landscape. One lesser-known, fascinating rocky terrain rests up in the village region of Župa. On the plateau, adventurers can find rest in nature at the Hiker’s Lukavica Eco Village.

Views from this Hiker’s Eco Village are both far-reaching and spectacular. Rocky crags, rolling green meadows, a picturesque Orthodox church building, and a herd of goats mark the vista.

Thanks to an amazing collective of village residents working together via an NGO, the locals provide organic foods from their gardens and farms to make traditional meals. In short, you’ll eat like royalty. Getting a full load of healthy calories and a night of rest then you’ll be ready for your next adventure outing.

The Zupa area provides distinct peaks on Lukavica that offer hiking, mountain biking, motorcycle and off-road adventures. Up the mountain lies the glacial lake, Kapetanovo Jezero. This is an ideal area for adventurers that want to explore this lesser known area between Durmitor and Kolasin.

One view from the Hiker’s Lukavica Eco Village

FEATURES OF THE Hiker’s Lukavica Eco Village

  • The Hiker’s Lukavica Eco Village  offers a glimpse into katun life on the Lukavica Plateau
  • 6 rooms sleep 2 each with space for a baby bed in a couple of the rooms
  • Each room has a small bathroom
  • 25 euros per person per night for lodging and 2 big meals
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Fully equipped kitchen accessible
  • 360-degree scenic views
  • Organic, traditional meals included
  • Part of the Meanderbug hut-to-hut network
  • Hiking, mountain biking, off road, and motorcycle riding options abound
  • Accessible by rough gravel road which higher clearance cars and 4×4 vehicles can navigate
  • Free parking available on the property

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  1. Hi, I am wondering if it the farm is accessible by a small rental car instead of a 4X4 since the description mentioned that there is a gravel road. We are on a roadtrip around Montenegro and are driving from Ostrag Monastary. Thank you!

    1. Yes, you can drive here on the gravel road. You will simply need to go slow the last km or 2.

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