People’s Hero’s Village Home Near Vucje – Montenegro

Discover the story, live an adventure

Time changes and with it stories grow and fade. Sometimes even the hero stories fade, but there is usually some memory. This village home near Vucje was the birthplace of Danilo Bojović (1909-1943), a hero of the people. Guests here can explore or possibly imagine the making of a hero in this quiet, rocky village terrain.

For family travel, this is a great place to consider values and talk about life stuff without all the white noise back home. It also is a great launch point for hiking, MTB, motorcycle, and off road adventures up on Lukavica. The roads also provide easy access to other points of interest like Ostrog Monastery as well as the Bay of Kotor.

The rock home provides a living area for 4 people. It has a spacious master bedroom, a second bedroom with two single beds, a sitting room, and a bathroom. Next to the house, a smaller red structure provides a kitchen and dining area.

The Zupa area provides distinct mountains on Lukavica that offer hiking, mountain biking, and off-road adventures. Up the mountain lies the glacial lake, Kapetanovo Jezero. This is an ideal area for adventurers that want to explore this lesser known area between Durmitor and Kolasin.

FEATURES OF THE People’s Hero’s Village Home NEAR Vucje

  • The People’s Hero’s Home near Vucje is in Zupa Selo
  • Sleeps 4 people with a master and second bedroom
  • Library and reading area in the master bedroom
  • 40 euros per night for house rental
  • Bathroom
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Organic, traditional meals available – breakfast-6 euros; brown bag lunch-4; dinner-7
  • Family-friendly day hike to Kapetanovo Jezero and on Lukavica plateau
  • Easy road access to Niksic, Ostrog Monastery, Bay of Kotor, and the Vučje Ski Centar
  • Hiking and mountain biking options abound
  • Free parking available on the property

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