Lanista Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park – Montenegro

Experience katun life with 4km hike from Biogradska Lake and the main park entrance

A microcosm of nature that is rainforest, wetlands, stone rivers, mountain peaks, and glacial lakes, Biogradska Gora deserves several days of exploration. Lanista Katun can serve as the HQ for explorers or it can be an overnight stay along the journey. This katun offers some of the nicer amenities for katun life including solar power and a ready shower with hot water.

Laništa Katun is a 4km hike along a picturesque single-track trail that winds through one of the primeval forests. This trail is also a black diamond MTB route that is about 75% bikable. In addition to hiking and MTB, Lanista is accessible from Mojkovac via 4×4 or motorcycle as well as by MTB or hiking.  This katun provides nearby access to picturesque Biogradska Gora Lake (Jezero) while offering an escape from the tourists looking just to snap the easy photo on a drive-through route.

Katun life offers a slower paced mountain experience along with some 90+% organic farm to table foods. Cooking here takes a traditional approach with local sourced foods and a wood-fired stove. Also, Lanista Katun is eco-friendly with solar power and the water is heated by a dedicated wood stove.

Lanista Katun offers an unforgettable experience for adventurers. The hiking trail in offers enough challenge to know that you really accomplished something. Yet families can do it together while helping each other along the steeper part of the trail that winds several hundred meters along the embankment of Bjelasica Mountain. Choose to stay a night on a hut-to-hut adventure or stay for days and recalibrate with the quiet, isolated beauty of Biogradska Gora National Park.

Cheesecloth drying signals homemade cheese at Lanista Katun

FEATURES OF Lanista KATUN Near the BIOGRADSKA GORA main Entrance

  • Located inside the park with a 4 km single-trail hike from the Biogradska Gora National Park main entrance
  • Lanista Katun offers three huts (soon to be four) for travelers:
    • The (Planinski) Mountain Hut sleeps 1 to 2 people – 20 euros/night
    • The (Biciklista) MTB Hut sleeps up to 2 people – 20 euros/night
    • The smaller (Pesački) Hiker Hut sleeps 1 adult or 2 small-framed people – 16 euros/night
  • Organic, traditional meals available
  • Outdoor and indoor eating areas
  • Located inside the national park providing access to key points
    • 45-minute hike to Biogradska Gora Lake
    • 1.5-hour hike from Mojkovac
    • 6-hour hike to Sisko Jezero
  • Spring water access
  • Part of Meanderbug’s Biogradska Gora Hut-to-Hut Network
  • Parking available on location (only accessible from Mojkovac)
  • Situated on the Via Dinarica hiking route
  • Hiking route assistance available from Toma, the katun owner and a Biogradska Gora park ranger, as well as his family


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Lanista Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park – Montenegro

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