Mokri Do Eco Katun for Hikers – Montenegro

An eco katun farm stay on the "Katun Road" in northern Montenegro near Kosovo

Turn back time. The Katun Road in northern Montenegro opens up an area that is mostly undiscovered by outsiders. Access is possible on foot, mountain bike, or those committed to a lengthy off-road excursion. Adventurers here will enjoy some isolated adventure with locals in katuns waving excitedly along the way. One place for an overnight stay and a pile of food village style is the Mokri Do Eco Katun for Hikers. Of course, they gladly welcome mountain bikers and off-road enthusiasts as well.

Travelers here will be the guests of the Buckovic Family. They have been doing summer life here for a lot of years now. They will take care of the food (which is spectacular) and arrange for you to stay at a neighbor’s property. There are places for six people to sleep on bedding, but tents can be pitched in the area as well.

This thru-hike adventure is not in any of the travel journals yet. So for the first explorers, let’s plan to get you on the trail. We’re glad to help arrange some great food, a place to rest, and a spot to enjoy the local life along the way.

Mokri Do Eco Katun for Hikers - organic garden on katun road

Features of the Mokri Do Eco Katun for Hikers

  • Sleeps 6 with 3 separate structures sleeping 2 people each
  • Organic farm to table national cuisine available
  • Multiple seating areas outdoors for eating and gathering
  • Outdoor bathroom facilities
  • Running fresh spring water outdoors
  • Lunch, dinner, and brown bag lunches available
  • Opportunity to milk cows, make cheese, learn traditional recipes, do katun life – all included
  • Half-day guided horseback riding on nearby trails with traditional Montenegrin saddles – 15 euros per person
  • Hiking with foraging available with local expert – 30 euros for the group
  • On the Katun Road – thru-hiking destination
  • Parking available on location
  • Electricity available for charging electronic devices in hosts’ cabin via solar panels
  • Removed from society with dirt/gravel road access – road is in very poor condition in places

2 reviews

  1. Trip back in time. Loved it.

    We LOVED Mokri Do! This was one of our last farm stays on a mountain bike tour of the Katun Road. After a long day of riding in some challenging conditions we were met with the warmest, friendliest hosts upon arrival. This area and the hosts along the Katun road brought us back to our childhood and memories of what makes the rural farm life and its people so special. Down to earth and genuine hospitality. No pretence. Basic but comfortable accommodation with a much appreciated wood stove (you will need to wake up and stoke it yourself in the night) and even a cosy flannel nightshirt for Elaine! On arrival the rakija flowed and our host sat down with us to enjoy a simple but tasty meal. Despite the language barrier we left feeling like we had made a real connection and new friends in rural Montenegro. If you are comfortable off the beaten path and looking for a unique farm stay, you will love Mokri Do.

  2. An amazing experience.

    We stayed in Mokri Do as part of a hut-to-hut trek we did in September 2018 on the Katun Road.
    Arriving to this small village after a long day of walk was an amazing experience. The village is located in a beautiful little tranquil valley, green and quiet, when the only thing we could hear were some cowbells in the distance.
    Todor welcomed us with good strong coffee and homemade blueberry juice. It was a great time talking to him (with the limited Montenegrin we were able to pick up along the way :-)) and he showed us around and made sure we had everything we needed.
    Dinner and breakfast were hearty and filling with fresh salad, great homemade pastries and other local delicacies. Thanks Todor for the great hospitality!

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