Mostar: the Heart of Herzegovina

For a romantic break with a difference, head to the charming city of Mostar. This historic city nestles snuggly in a river valley. Spend your days wandering its cobbled streets. Then relax in one of the surprisingly chic cafés. Explore the rich history of Mostar while browsing the Ottoman, Austro-hungarian and Yugoslavian streets of this city. Take the day to enjoy the old town history and culture that is the heart of Herzegovina.

Mostar Bridge, a UNESCO world heritage site - meanderbug

River and Cobblestones Form Old Town Mostar

Mostar is becoming a tourist hotspot in the summer months. The Spring and Fall months offer a less crowded atmosphere. Mostar is most famous for this beautiful historic Ottoman-style bridge. It spans the Neretva river in the historic center of the city. Mostar’s Old Town is composed of cobblestone streets with shops that are still owned by the craftsmen.Downriver from the Mostar Bridge - photo by Truman Yu

Mostar is Traditional Flavors

Flavor matters. Dishes with smoked meat, cheese, kajmak (cream cheese), homemade bread and sweet bread are local treats for guests. The fame of Herzegovinian pršut (smoked ham) with its unique taste has long since spread beyond the borders of Herzegovina. It is a must try.

Homemade cheese is made in a special way here. Aged in goat’s skin, the cheese is a praised and expensive delicatessen today.

The region grows many things. These include figs, pomegranate, carob, and almonds. These can be found in local markets. Take time to sample and enjoy.Prsut

Mostar is Culture

Mostar was named after mostari (the bridge keepers). In medieval times, the mostari guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva River. Today, the Old Town and 16th century Stari Most are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This unique town acquaints you with the different civilizations and cultures mixing for more than five centuries.

Traditional melancholic Sevdalinka music can be heard creating a gentle ambiance while tasting the local cuisine. Stroll slowly to soak everything in.

Constructed 300 years ago, the Muslibegovica House stands as a relic from the Ottoman period. This beautiful home shows a combination of cultures in the Balkans. Walk around this museum and enjoy traditional coffee or cookies.Old Bridge Mostar

Best Places to Stay When Visiting Mostar

There are a number of hostel, hotel, and apartment options in the city. Our preferred option in the Herzegovina region includes going deeper into local culture through staying in village homestay options or farm stays. We currently have 3 great village homestay partners near Mostar.

Pehar Family pool near Mostar


Terra Antica – This traditional family home has walls that are a meter thick making it an eco friendly home that is temperate. The interior is traditionally finished with a red and green apartment available for guests.

Terra Viva – This expansive home provides a great family travel option with a swimming pool, organic vineyards and garden, and is comfortably furnished.

Varda Mountain House – North of Mostar, this mountain homestay provides isolation, solitude, great views, and organic foods. This is the perfect place to getaway for a few days before or after a Mostar visit.

Lodging tip: Mostar heats up in the summer. This is true with foot traffic and the temperature. When visiting in the summer months, make sure your lodging has AC, traditional walls, or is at a high enough altitude to escape the heat. And, of course, a swimming pool is always a good thing for the kids.

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