olympic bobsled repurposed – 10 pics

The Winter Olympics in Sarajevo took place in 1984. So much has happened in the region in the last 3 decades. Today, the Olympic bobsled is a sprawling canvas for graffiti artists. Also, it doubles as a unique, adrenalin-inducing course for bikers and long boarders. We’ll have more on the outdoor adventure possibilities when we are able to go back later. For now, here are pictures of the Olympic bobsled from the Sarajevo games.

This marks the turnoff on the road to go down to the bobsled.

This is the signage you need to look for when driving out to the site. Coming from the city, turn left here to go down to the track area.

graffiti on Olympic bobsled in Sarajevo

The colors on this one were vibrant in natural lighting.More graffiti on the bobsled in Sarajevo

It felt like there was something going on here with Chester Cheetah, though I didn’t completely figure it out.

Olympic bobsled repurposed in Sarajevo

Still thinking on this one.

Graffiti on bobsled in Sarajevo

I liked the 3-D feel to this piece.

Olympic bobsled 20 years later

Some of the text graffiti with a zoomed out view of the bobsled.

Olympic bobsled 2 decades later

The corner.

Sarajevo Bobsled 30 years later

And again.

A sign of a hoped for brighter future

Someone is looking for a brighter tomorrow. Though simple and straightforward, in the mix of it all, I really appreciated this piece. I am hopeful for a future with more bright colors and sunshine for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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