Cruising Around Bay of Kotor with Paris Kotor

What is the one word that comes to mind when I say “cruise”? Expensive. But, that is not always the case. Consider taking day cruises to the beautiful Adriatic Coast.We highly recommend the night boat excursion on Le Coche D’Eau. Cruising the Bay of Kotor, the 420-seat “Le Coche d’Eau” tourist boat is the largest day excursion boat in Montenegro. There are two tiers to the boat. You can sit in the shade at tables or sunbathe in the sun on sun loungers! Captain Radomir “Rajko” Čavor runs Paris Kotor, which was imported from Paris. He’s a busy man, but like every Montenegrin we meet, he’s generous with both time and coffee. 🙂ZanjiceBeachWe began our journey from Tivat and passed by Porto Montenegro. We took our first swim in the Bay. If you feel daring, you can even jump off the second floor of the boat. 😉BayofKotorSwimThere’s is also an option for an extra €3 to explore Žanjice Beach, where you take a small boat to the blue caves. It is well worth it, too. As you swim in the caves, you understand why it is called the blue caves, as everything underwater looks blue. Probably the most picturesque spot on the bay is tiny, perfectly preserved Perast, overlooked by the islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. We docked on Our Lady of the Rocks, the only artificially built island on the Adriatic and walked through the local museum, which pays homage to the sailors who passed through the Bay.OurLadyoftheRockOurLadyoftheRockMuseumPeakThroughPerastStrict planning laws have kept the baroque buildings along the Bay of Kotor, especially appreciate in the town of Perast, which is almost perfectly intact.PerastFinally, we navigated to Kotor, where we disembarked and visited the local attractions in Old Town Kotor, with walls skillfully crafted into the natural steep slopes of the hill. The view of this town on approach is one of the amazing sights, not only of the Mediterranean, but also of the world.

Tickets cost €10-15 to board the boat with an additional cost should you wish to dine, which we highly recommend. We ate delicious fresh seafood on our excursion, but there is also option for chicken and other food. Reservations cannot be made in advance, but we recommend that you visit the website to see when the next time “Le Coche d’Eau” sails. Paris Kotor operates until mid-November and during the nautical season, where they can see over 30,000 passengers. Thank you to Spark.Me organizers for introducing us to this wonderful business! It is definitely a must-do when you visit Montenegro.

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