The breathtaking country of Montenegro has a wide variety of accommodation options for travellers journeying through. From 5-star hotels to cozy homestays to rustic farmstays to the iconic katuns (or traditional mountain huts), Montenegro has an unforgettable stay perfect for your unique desires.

The advantages of high-end hotels are of course immediately apparent: having 24-hour service and all amenities appeals to a great many travellers. AirBnB-type accommodations are also widely available, especially on the coast, and are generally suited for families, and occasionally, pets. For those who enjoy rustic lodgings while still retaining desirable amenities, glamping is a fantastic choice. Stay in a rustic lodge in breathtaking surroundings, with full access to electricity and running water.

But for those with a greater taste for adventure on the wild side, we highly recommend staying the night at an organic farmstay, where you will stay on a traditional farm or orchard, and be hosted by a local Montenegrin family. Your hosts will do everything in your power to ensure your comfort and enjoyment during your stay, and during meal times, you will find yourself offered more food than you can ever hope to eat, as your hosts pile the tables high with Montenegrin delicacies that will fill both your stomach and your soul.

And if you really want to get as far out into Montenegro’s wild nature as possible, look no further than the katuns, Montenegro’s iconic huts where shepherds would reside while taking their sheep up from the village into grazing lands within the mountains. You have several options for food at katuns, including being served by hosts as well as bringing your own. And at pretty much every katun spot, you will have access to pristine spring water, bubbling up from deep within the mountains. The lack of any light pollution will let you see the stars so vividly you will almost feel like you can reach up and grab them. Do keep in mind: katuns are certainly not for the faint of heart, as they often require several hours hiking or off-roading to access, and they offer few amenities. But for those with adventure in their hearts, a stay at a katun is truly unforgettable.

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