Best Places to Stay in Podgorica – Hotels, Hostels, and Farm Stays

Change is in the air. The capital of Montenegro is beginning to find a new way forward. Her travelers are increasing both in number and diversity of purpose. To that end, we are happy to identify some of the best places to stay in Podgorica. Together, the capital city’s collection of hotels, hostels, and farm stays provide a massive range of options for travelers. 

On the national level, the latest news headlines point to Montenegro’s inclusion in NATO. Recent city developments include the introduction of bike lanes, a developing food and beverage scene, a growing appreciation and place for artisan makers, and a fledgling startup community.

Traditionally, Podgorica has been the business center for the country. In another vein, her people maintain a culture that celebrates relationship. In large part due to this, Podgoričani have perfected the art of the long coffee better than any other people.  With both the developing and traditional factors mixed in, Podgorica may just be in the early stages of making something new. Now is a good time to check it out.

Best PLaces to Stay in Podgorica

The city is developing and, with it, are a growing number of quality lodging offers. This is true at both the luxury as well as the budget level along with a range of selections in between. Here are the hotels, hostels, and farm stays worth checking out along with some insight into what customers might expect.

Best Places to Stay in Podgorica - Hilton Podgorica Hotel
Hilton Hotel in the center of Podgorica

International Brand Hotel Options in Podgorica

When you go to “round up the usual suspects,” three of the big, international chains show up along with one newcomer.

  • Hilton in Podgorica – formerly the Crna Gora or Montenegro Hotel, this central location hotel towers over its surroundings. Completed in 2017, the Hilton fits its usual position of being one of the top quality destinations in the country. Whether you stay there or not, it is worth a visit to the sky bar for the view of the city.
  • Ramada Podgorica –  the Ramada offers a clean, quality offering that is a couple kilometers from city center, and lies on the road to the airport. Also, it has the largest farmers’ market in the city attached.
  • Best Western – offering a recognized brand and familiar quality at a lesser price. The Best Western has a good location next to a number of cafes and the high end business district.
Atlas Building and Centreville Hotel in Podgorica, Montenegro
Capital Plaza Complex with Centreville Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe

Local Hotel Offerings in Montenegro’s Capital

The largest city in the country also has a growing number of quality boutique offerings.

  • Hotel Podgorica – offering the best views of the Morača river in the center of the city, the Podgorica Hotel provides a good offer for business travelers. When the weather is nice, grab a coffee and dessert or a full meal at their Three Centuries restaurant. The food is good and the river views are ideal.
  • Hotel Hemera – this boutique hotel has a hopping cafe located on the famous row of cafes and bars in city center. This is a good destination for those that want to see the city and experience her vibrant life.
  • Ambassador Hotel – this little, out-of-the-way hotel has the best terrace views of the rushing Morača River. Plan to take your morning coffee on one of the varied levels of terrace to see and hear the power of the rushing water.
Lookout from Gorica Park over Podgorica
View of Podgorica from Gorica Park

Apartment Rentals and Hostels in Former Titograd

There are a growing number of both private apartments and hostels for rent in the capital. Many of these are available on booking or airbnb. Some of the hostels that we suggest you check out include:

  • Hostel Podgorica – not far from the bus station
  • Montenegro Hostel – in old town, not far from the bus station
  • Q Hostel – by Gorica city park and easy walking distance to city center
  • More hostel-style offers in the farm stay budget category below

Farm Stay Offers the Newest Getaway Near Podgorica

Farm stay listings are increasing across Montenegro and definitely fit squarely on any list of best places to stay in Podgorica. These offers through locals include a room, an apartment, or even a whole home. Each property is in a more rural, village setting. Also, each of these listings have some fruits and/or veggies growing on the property making local sourcing more like visual sourcing. These provide easy access to the city with exposure to the village, a key component of Montenegro’s history and culture.

Radunovic Skadar Lake House in Montenegro
One of the terraces at the Radunovic Lake House

Luxury Farm Stay Listings Near Podgorica

  • Villa Oblun – a spacious getaway both indoors and on the terraces. This expansive villa is accented with both impressive regional antique pieces and inviting, modern decor. Located in Bridje Village, guests can choose to be in the city limits or at the water’s edge of Lake Skadar in 10 minutes.
  • Radunovic Lake House – if ever there was a lakeside view, this is it. Guests can relax in their down time or after hours working with a view of Lake Skadar that is second to none. Guests can pre-order locally prepared, organic meals and book a scenic private boat tour of the lake. The birds and flora are spectacular in this area. Podgorica lies only 15 minutes away from this location.
Organic garden at Podgorica farm stay
Springtime at the Farm Stay near the airport

Budget Farm Stay Listings in Podgorica

  • Agape House and Community Garden – this cozy home offers a hostel format for 10 euros per person or the whole house can be rented for 35 per night. Located in Mareza Village, this is the outskirts of Podgorica with public transport and cheap taxi access.
  • Eco Community Garden Camping – this is fresh air, organic veggies, great hosts, and the cheapest place to land in the capital. Bring your own tent or rent one for a euro. This is budget travel at its finest.
  • Farm Stay Near the Airport – located just 3 minutes from the airport by car or a 20 minute walk, this farm stay offers access to the city and Skadar Lake, Virpazar area. The hostel-style housing gives a clean place with organic farm-to-table national food on offer. The home is also available for complete rental for a family or group of friends.
  • Bridje Village House – budget travel meets world-class beauty at this village home with a big terrace and a lake view. This family-friendly getaway spot is a short walk to the lake and a short drive to the capital city.
Villa Oblun Near Skadar Lake
Master bedroom in Villa Oblun

We will continue to update this post as the hotels, hostels, and farm stays in the area continue to develop. Check back for more info when you are preparing to travel.

All pictures, excluding the farm stay photos, were shot by Albion Neziraj.

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  1. Michael

    I stayed in the “Agape House and Community Garden” listing. It is an affordable option for even me at the time, a college student traveling, and has all the necesties you will need. While the house is great, and adittionally the food is too, the company of Aleks and Kristina is what will make you want to stay. They have countless stories they can tell you, and can educate you on many things in Montenegro. If you really want to experience Montengro to the fulliest, the farm stays are the best place to stay!

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