Goles Katun by Biogradska Gora NP – Montenegro

Mountain hut and working farm near Kolasin

A full working farm, Goles Katun is equally about organic foods and a wild beauty vista looking out over Biogradska Gora National Park. It offers a spectacular sunset view with charcoal peaks in the horizon.

Families and adventure travelers will find so much to love about Goles. There are multiple day hike options. And guests will be able to watch time roll back with a slower pace of life that revolves around nature instead of a schedule. And the toilets and showers make it an easy stretch for someone that may not be ready to venture far from “civilization.”

The farm operation at Goles takes a multi-speciated approach. Besides growing vegetables, the Bulatovic family raises livestock. Fresh milk is made daily into fresh cheese. This approach means daily freshness whether it is cheese, homemade bread, etc. And, we strongly recommend you try their cicvara and pair it with fresh tomoatoes. 😉

Goles Katun by Biogradska Gora National Park offers an unforgettable experience for adventurers. The terrain is perfect for off-road adventures in a 4×4, motorcycle, mountain bike, or on foot hiking. Stay a night on a hut-to-hut adventure or stay for a number of days to take in the quiet, isolated beauty of Mount Bjelasica.

Goles Katun working farm


  • Located on the edge of Biogradska Gora National Park sitting above Lake Biograd and with easy hiking access to Pesic Lake
  • Goles Katun consists of several cabins and bungalows
    • Small cabin – fits 1-2 people with single beds – 20 euros per night
    • Large cabin – fits up to 5 people with single beds – 40 euros per night
  • Organic, traditional meals available
  • Covered and open eating areas outside are available
  • Located on the edge of the national park providing access to key points
    • 1.5-hour hike to Lake Biograd – moderate descent
    • 2.5-hour hike to Pesic Lake
    • 3.5-hour hike to Sevarina Lake
  • Oil lamps and candles for nighttime lighting / small solar panels allow for limited electric supply
  • Spring water nearby and on tap
  • Parking available on location at Goles Katun
  • Situated on the Via Dinarica hiking route, ideal for hut-to-hut hiking
  • Removed from society with dirt/gravel road access from the E65 road between Kolasin and Mojkovac – the road is passable with 4×4 vehicles

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  1. Cozy world in the clouds above the forest

    We stayed two nights in Goles Katun during our 7 day’s trek around Biogradska Gora. At that time it was rainy so we stayed in- and around the lovely house with stove! The very friendly owner made sure we were cozy and warm and treated us on delicious food and lots of tea. The misty weather added to our feeling of being in another world in the clouds. Also enjoyed the curiosity of the cows that were wandering freely around the place. After our stay we walked very cautiously down the slippery trail to Biogradska Jezero through a spectacular forest, and added a beautiful walk around the lake too which should not be missed to get a good sense of how beautiful and special the rainforest in Biogradska Gora is.

    Joanna and Jeffrey

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